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10 Interesting Child Abuse Facts

Saturday, August 20th 2011. | Human

Child abuse is physical violence, sexual, emotional persecution, or neglect of children. CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) United States defines child abuse as any act or series of acts or omissions by the guardian parents or other caregivers produced can be harmful, or potentially dangerous, or give a dangerous threat to children. There are four main categories of violence against children: neglect, physical abuse, emotional abuse and child sexual abuse. It is 10 interesting child abuse facts.

1. In 2008, one in every 601.4 child was victims of physical violence, and nearly 80.1% of perpetrators of violence are the parents.

Sexual Child Abuse

Sexual Child Abuse

2. 2:34 than 100,000 children die from injuries related to their abuse, with 80.8% of deaths occurred in children under the age under 4 years.

3. For each incident reported to the child abuse, it is estimated that two of the other actors are not reported.

4. Ignoring is the most common form of violence against children, this case is 78% of all cases.
Physical abuse
5. Physical abuse accounted for 17.8% of cases of abuse occur each year.

6. A quarter of all women are sexually abused by an adult before age 17.

7. 8 out of 10 sexual offenders is someone in the family or someone known by the victim.

8. Every month, at least 100 babies born to mothers who use drugs.

9. Children who have parents who use drugs, one of 13 children exposed to violence.

Scared child

Scared child

10. Children who suffer abuse have a higher probability of alcohol abuse and drug addiction, a third will later commit violence against their own children. Some things above are the facts about child abuse.

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