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10 Interesting Computer Facts

Monday, November 21st 2011. | Technology

Computer fact is the topic that we will discuss in this article. Computers are technologies that have changed the world since it was first discovered. Computers are the most important technology in this century. Here are 10 interesting computer facts.

Computer Fact 1: The first computer maker

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Sir Harold Thomas Flower

Sir Harold Thomas Flower. He is the maker of the world’s first electronic computer in 1941 called Colossus and the password used by the Unit-breaking British Military Secrets to decode Nazi radio transmissions.

Computer Fact 2: Name the world’s first commercial computer

ENIAC (Electronic numerator Integrator Analyzer and Computer) was the first commercial computer in the world. This computer weighs 60.000 pounds and the size of one large room. ENIAC was completed in 1945. ENIAC was originally created for military purposes. This computer cannot store data.

Computer Fact 3: The richest man in the world because computer software.

William Henry Gates, or more commonly referred to as Bill Gates is the richest man in the world during the last 12 years (according to the Forbes magazine). Gates is the founder and chairman of Microsoft Company engaged in software. He is also the founder of Corbis Company engaged in the field of digital image archive.

Computer Fact 4: There are insects (bugs) in computer

Insects, in English or a bug, it could have gone in the casing. But the intended insects or bugs for the computer is not a live insect. Bug is an error or failure in a computer program so it does not function properly. For example, when we cool to play the game, suddenly the computer hangs or freezes. The bug usually occurs because of lack of caution programmer in writing programs, could also be due to a program requires 128 MB memory and a computer with 64 MB memory is forced to save the program with that much memory, so there is a failure because of lack of memory.

Computer Fact 5: The first computer bug

The first bug was a moth. In 1945, Grace Murray Hopper and his team are working on the computer calculator Mark II Aiken Relay Harvard University. And then the computer getting a problem, and after looking for the cause, there were bees at Relay # 70 in panel F. Bees were then removed. Since then the term bug is used as the damage in the computer work. The term to get rid of bugs is called debugging.

Computer Fact 6 : First Modem

Around the 1950s, the American air defense request made tools to send data over the phone. The first commercial modem was made AT & T and Bell 103 in a tender launched in 1962 with a speed of 300 bits / second. In 1996 the existing modem with a speed of 56,000 bits / second.

Computer Fact 7: Computer Game

1947 is considered as the year when the game was first played on the CRT tube. This is simple game, on a plane to shoot a target. At that graphics cannot be described electronically on the CRT screen. 1950s, created the first graphical game with the Tic-Tac-Toe. 1960 Spacewar game created and played by two people. This is the first game sold widely and instantly became the most popular game at that time.

computer fact

The First Computer Bug

Computer Fact 8: The most expensive game

There gameboy made of 18 carat gold and encrusted with diamonds around the screen. Game Boy was created by Aspreys of London, the price is $ 25,000.00 USD, or approximately USD 225 million. This is a most expensive gameboy ever sold. PDP-1 sold by the game Space Wars and was made in 1960, the price is $ 120,000.00 USD which is now equivalent to $ 760,000.00 or USD 6.84 billion. This is the most expensive game system ever sold. Shenmue game was made for 7 years to 1999 and development costs more than $ 20,000.000. Shenmue was made for the Sega Dreamcast. Shenmue is the most realistic games available on the market at that time and is the most expensive computer game ever sold.

Computer Fact 9: The most expensive mouse pad

Mouse pad or mouse mat is used for a flat surface and a computer mouse can work well. There is a mouse made handmade in the UK for Formula 1 by a technician. Mouse pad is made of solid carbon fiber. It costs about $ 489.00 or approximately USD 4.4 million. This mouse pad is the worlds most expensive ever sold.

Computer Fact 10: The first computer store

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The Computer Store

This is last fact on this facts about computer article. In July 1975, Dick Heiser opened the first computer store called “The Computer Store” in California. The Computer Store sells computer equipment, books and magazines related to computers. This is interesting computer fact.

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