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10 Interesting Facts about Left Handed

Wednesday, October 26th 2011. | Human

Left Handed facts are an interesting topic for discussion. 8-15% of adults worldwide are left handed. Left Handed facts are the object of research because unique. People who are more left-handed use his left hand than his right hand. He usually uses his left hand for a variety of jobs such as combing hair and cooking. Writing cannot be used to determine whether a person left-handed or not, because some people are left-handed use his right hand to write, while for all the things that others use his left hand. Here are 10 interesting left handed facts.

Left Handed facts 1

left handed facts

Albert Einstein

Time Magazine’s Person of the Century, Albert Einstein was a lefty. Everybody knows his contribute for science and technology.

Left Handed facts 2
Left-handed people have a brain that is more structured, so it has a greater ability of ordinary people. Ability here is not only intellectual ability, but also the ability of the Arts, Literature, and other sports

Left Handed facts 3
several recent studies say that the lefty who was attending college to receive the input of 10% – 15% more of its partners

Left Handed facts 4
New research says that left-handed people showing better performance than ordinary people, for example in doing the many tasks quickly. Talking while driving in heavy traffic or activities that require the activities of both the brain to process information quickly

Left Handed facts 5

Some of the richest people in the world is a lefty (Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey)

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The research results of universities in the United States proves basically all living things were left-handed. All living things on this planet should be left-handed, because it depends on essential amino acids is left-handed orientation. Because the factors of evolution and genetics of human beings, especially a lefty continues to decrease.

Left Handed facts 7
Left-handed people have the power of imagination is high so that caused him to be more creative than the common man

left handed facts

Bill Gates

Left Handed facts 8
Left-handed people are usually sensitive, especially when the environment does not accept that he was left-handed.

Left Handed facts 9
If your child is left-handed tendencies, do not be forced to use his right hand, because it can cause bad things both psychologically and achievements, it is never experienced by the King of England King George VI who became stutter and dyslexia of being forced to use the right hand

Left Handed facts 10

Left Handed facts

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