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10 Interesting Maryland Facts

Monday, November 5th 2012. | Places

Maryland is a state of the United States. MD is postal abbreviation for Maryland. Maryland is one of the 13 colonies revolt against British rule in the American Revolution. The state is bordered by Pennsylvania to the north (Mason-Dixon Line), on the west by West Virginia, in the north and east by Delaware and the Atlantic Ocean, and south to Virginia. Here are 10 interesting Maryland facts.

1. United States Naval Academy was founded on October 10, 1845 in Annapolis.

US Naval Academy

US Naval Academy

2. In 1830 built the first railroad station in Baltimore & Ohio Railroad.

3. During the revolutionary period known as the Tavern Rockville. News The first independence for freedom from British rule came at the Tavern in 1774.

4. The Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is considered as the building of the 19th century masterpiece. This basilica is the first cathedral in the United States. Baltimore is the first Roman Catholic diocese.

5. The National Aquarium is located in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

6. King Williams School opened in 1696 it was the first school in the United States.

7. First dental school in the United States first opened at the University of Maryland.

National Aquarium

National Aquarium

8. Babe Ruth, the Sultan of Swat, was born in Baltimore.

9. On June 24.1784, in Baltimore, Warren Edward drove the first successful hot air balloon in the United States.

Tilghman Island

Tilghman Island

10. Tilghman Island is home to Skipjacks, the only commercial sailing fleet in North America. This fact is all facts about Maryland, Which not everyone knows.

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