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10 Interesting Mississippi State Facts

Thursday, April 19th 2012. | Places

Mississippi State fact is an interesting topic that we will discuss in this post. Mississippi is a state of the United States. This state is located in the south. In 2008, the state has a population of 2,938,618 people and has an area of 125 443 km ². Its capital is Jackson. Here are 10 interesting Mississippi State facts.

Mississippi State Fact 1

University of Mississippi Medical Center

University of Mississippi Medical Center

In 1963 the University of Mississippi Medical Center performed a lung transplant and the first man in the world, on January 23, 1964, Dr. James D. Hardy performed the world’s first heart transplant operation.

Mississippi State Fact 2

Borden’s Condensed Milk was first canned in Liberty.

Mississippi State Fact 3

In 1902 while hunting expedition in Sharkey County, President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt refused to shoot a captured bear. This action resulted in the creation of the world-famous teddy bear.

Mississippi State Fact 4

The world’s largest shrimp is on display at Old Spanish Fort Museum in Pascagoula.

Mississippi State Fact 5

The first Dr Tichener Antiseptic bottle produced in Liberty.

Mississippi State Fact 6

The world’s largest cactus plantation is in Edwards.

Mississippi State Fact 7

Elvis Presley was born in Tupelo, on January 8, 1935.

Antiseptic Bottle

Antiseptic Bottle

Mississippi State Fact 8

H.T. Merrill from Luka performed the world’s first round trip trans-oceanic flight in 1928.

Mississippi State Fact 9

In 1884 the concept of selling shoes in boxes in pairs (right foot and left foot) occurred in Vicksburg at Phil Gilbert’s Shoe Parlor on Washington Street.

Mississippi State Fact 10

Mrs.Mamie Thomas

Mrs.Mamie Thomas

This is last fact on these facts about Mississippi state article. The first female rural mail carrier in the United States was Mrs. Mamie Thomas. She delivered mail by rail to the southeast area of Vicksburg in 1914. this is interesting Mississippi State fact.

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