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10 Interesting Orange Facts

Thursday, July 10th 2014. | Food

Orange fact is the interesting topic that we will discuss in this post. Orange is one of the most popular fruit in the world. Citrus has many benefits for humans. Here are 10 interesting orange facts.

Orange fact 1

Orange Tree

Orange Tree

In 1873, three citrus plants brought from Brazil and then planted in Riverside, California. Now one of three citrus crops was still alive and fruitful.

Orange fact 2
Brazil is the largest citrus producing country in the world with production of 17.8 million tons per year.

Orange fact 3
If you plant a grain of orange then from one seed will grow more than one plant.
And just as small as it could be a lot …

Orange fact 4
Citrus fruit will never rot before it plucked from the tree.

Orange fact 5

Oranges that have been cooked in a tree for too long can change color from orange to green. This event is called re-greening and affects only the color, while the quality or taste remains.
So the orange colored green is not necessarily immature, but even more mature.

Orange fact 6
In addition to vitamin C, citrus fruits were also contains calcium, pottasium, vitamins A and B-complex and antioxidants.

Orange fact 7
Orange juice is the world’s most popular juice. Oranges actually ranks fourth



Orange fact 8

Florida citrus can be more green than California oranges in Florida tonight as temperatures warm, which causes more chlorophyll to migrate to peel, they are still ripe and sweet though.

Orange fact 9

Brazil is the world’s leading producer of oranges, while Florida and California together produce nearly 25 billion pounds of oranges every year.

Orange fact 10

Brazil The Largest Orange Producer

Brazil The Largest Orange Producer

This is the last fact on this facts about orange article. Brazil produces the largest amount of oranges and grapefruits in the world. This is interesting orange fact.

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