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10 Interesting Facts about Panther

Thursday, November 3rd 2011. | Animal

Panther facts are the topic that we will discuss in this paper. Panther is one species of tiger are unique and different from other tigers. Here are 10 interesting Panther facts.

Panther facts 1

Panther facts

Black Panther

A Black Panther is a melanistic variant born between different species of cats in the Panthera group.

Facts Panther 2
Panther Children learn the skills to climb a tree at a very young age. They grow into the strongest climbers in the cat family tree.

Panther facts 3

Black Panther known by different names in different parts of the world. In Latin America, Black Panther known as a black jaguar, in Asia and Africa, it is called a black leopard, whereas in North America, the color black cougar.

Panther facts 4

In almost two years, Children Panther become proficient in building their own home range.

Panther facts 5

The main reason for the panther adaptation to diverse habitats is that it takes almost all types of animals. This is a typical carnivore who found the main source of food in mammals, birds and reptiles.

Panther facts 6

Panther has a dark coat on his body that is functional as a mask at night, in congested areas. This helps the panther remain safe from the enemy and at the same time, catch their prey without being noticed.

Panther facts 7

Panther is different from other cats, such as Bobcats, puma, and lynx housecats, Panther can roar.

King Carnivore

King Carnivore

Facts Panther 8

A black panther can survive in human populated areas in a way that is far better than other big cats.

Panther facts 9

Panther has a big leg and has a high strength. It has soft pads and fur between the toes, which makes it possible to have a quiet walk while chasing prey.

Panther facts 10

Selfish Animal

Selfish Animal

This is the last fact on these facts about Panther article. All Phanter live and hunt alone, in an area called their home range, this is interesting Phanter facts.

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