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10 Interesting Solar Energy Facts

Friday, May 13th 2011. | Environment

Solar energy is composed of light and heat emitted by the sun in the form of electromagnetic radiation. With today’s technology we can capture this radiation and convert it into a form that can be used for heating or electricity.
Although people can go into technical dissertations on the subject of how electromagnetic radiation is converted into energy and the right quality of its electromagnetic rays is not something the average person needs or wants to know.
But to be able to benefit from the use of solar power there are some facts you should know. Knowing these facts can help you to make sound decisions when looking to use it as a source of clean energy for your home. These are 10 interesting solar energy facts.

1. All life on earth depends on solar energy. Even without it there would be no life at all. Even the lowest life forms such as plankton and microbes have solar power in the form of sunlight to survive.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy

2. Solar power is completely environmentally friendly produce carbon emissions do not exist or any other harmful byproducts. It can be used properly and effectively cost almost anywhere on the planet.
3. You do not need to live in tropical or desert climates to benefit from this strength. It has been used successfully in many cold climates and even in the Polar Regions.

4. Every part of the United States receives enough sunlight to harness and use solar technology.

5. Currently, the cheapest and most effective way of using this type of energy in your home is through the use of solar water heating systems. Even solar water heating systems have been available commercially in the United States for more than a year.

6. Solar energy can be used for heating homes effectively in cold climates and in warmer climates. Even the sun warming has been widely used in cold-climate northern European countries for several decades now.

7. Solar technology has advanced to the point where it now can be a substitute for appropriate and cost-effective electricity for the regular-grid.

Solar Panel Diagram

Solar Panel Diagram

8. Today more and more people are interested in using tools with solar energy, so much so that demand for solar-powered gadget is currently greater than supply.

9. Solar energy can be used to provide electricity and hot water heaters for homes and for heating swimming pools. Many pools in Scandinavia and Europe turned out to use solar heating.

Solar Energy Car

Solar Energy Car

10. Solar energy can also be used to run solar-powered vehicles such as cars and even solar-powered aircraft. NASA has successfully designed and built to test aircraft operated entirely by solar power. All these data are facts about solar energy.

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