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10 Facts about 9 11

Sunday, May 8th 2011. | History

This is a 10 list about 9 11 facts you may not be aware of this fact.
1. President of the United States, when he received news that two planes had hit the World Trade Center, continued to read fairy tales about the goat.

WTC Incident

WTC Incident

2. The same president was moved from an in Genoa Italy two months earlier for safety reasons, because of alleged Al-Qaeda had hijacked a plane and crashing an airliner into the Genoa summit of industrialized nations.

3. The Secret Service did not secure the presidency, although its general location is disclosed in the press for days before the 9 / 11. This is an error to standard operating procedures that left the president vulnerable in the middle “attack” a terrorist in America.

4. NORAD has told three different and conflicting stories explaining why no jet fighters that blocks one of the four hijacked planes.

5. Vice President Richard Cheney is responsible for anti-terrorism training and military preparedness exercises by Bush on May 8, 2001. This gives the authority to command during 9 / 11 attacks because as many as nine war game exercises involving military and intelligence agencies that occurred simultaneously.

6. Military “Air Piracy” regulations to be rewritten on June 1st 2001 to require “Minister of Defense” to give “approval” for military escort aircraft in terms of piracy. Donald Rumsfeld gave no “approval” that day.

7. More than one hour and fifteen minutes after the first hijacking was reported by the FAA, the U.S. military headquarters in the Pentagon were attacked without any defensive action taken to stop the attack. The impact was on the west side. None of the top leader of the military rank was on that side.

Twin Tower

Twin Tower

8. (Transcript) Air Force General Richard Myers: “When it became clear what the threat was, we did scramble fighter aircraft, AWACS, radar aircraft and tanker aircraft to begin to establish orbits in case other aircraft appears in the FAA system that was hijacked …”

Senator Carl Levin: “Is it that you just described given before or after the Pentagon was attacked Did you know??”

Air Force General Richard Myers: “an order that, as far as I know, that after the Pentagon occurred.”

Reality intrudes. It became “clear what the threat,” when the first hijacked plane struck the North Tower at 8:46. This congressional testimony is inexcusable and grounds for investigation of criminal negligence, dereliction of duty, and betrayal.

9. “President Bush personally asked Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle Tuesday to limit the congressional investigation into the events of 11 September …” … “Discussion on Tuesday followed a rare call to Daschle from Vice President **** Cheney last Friday to make the same request.”

Ground Zero

Ground Zero

10. The Project for a New American Century, which wrote about the need for a “catastrophic and catalytic event, like a new Pearl Harbor,” has members in all parts of government on 9 / 11 including Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, Wolfowitz, Feith, Bolton, Armitage, Abrams, Wurmser, as well as Bush’s brother, Florida governor, Jeb. This is facts about 9 11 that we never know before.

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