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10 Facts about Abortion

Monday, May 2nd 2011. | Human

Abortion is an act which violates human rights, because basically the baby in his mother’s womb also has the same right to life. Abortion should do in case of emergency, for example if the baby’s mother is in a dangerous condition. These are abortion facts that has not been known by people.

1. 64% of women who commit abortions felt pressured by others. Sometimes a person has an abortion because of coercion and to rise to violence and even murder. Those who experience it usually are because the relationship is not valid.

Girl Abortion

Girl Abortion

2. 52% of people who have abortions because they are not ready to have children and 54% feel they are not sure about the decision at the time, but 67% did not receive guidance about healthy sexual relationships.


3. 84% of people who have abortions say that they did not receive counseling during his life, so they do not know the risk-free sex.

4. 79% of respondents consider that there is no alternative information regarding this problem.

5. 31% of women who had abortions suffered health complications after they do the abortion, and 10% suffer immediate complications after their abortions, one-fifth of those who have abortions feel their lives in danger because of psychological fear.

6. Women have 65% higher risk of experiencing clinical depression after abortion compared to women with a normal delivery and not have abortions.

Depression Girl

Depression Girl

7. 65% suffer from some symptoms of mild to severe stress disorder after their abortion, they experienced fear of something.

8. The death rate from women who have abortions is 3.5 higher than women who gave birth to normal

9. 60% said “Part of me Died.” Once they have an abortion because they feel regret after an abortion.

10. Suicide Rate for women who had abortions were 6-7 times higher than women who let their baby is born. And all in above is facts about abortion.

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