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10 Interesting Albert Einstein Facts

Friday, June 10th 2011. | People

Who does not know world leaders on this one? He was Albert Einstein and the inventor of the atomic bomb trigger theory relativity, Einstein’s genius was many people’s interest to invite others to investigate about his personality. Here are 10 interesting Albert Einstein facts.

1. Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist is not only bold but also one of the most influential. In 1999, Time magazine named Albert Einstein was honored as Person of the Century. He is also the holder of the Nobel Prize.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

2. Although many of us believe Albert Einstein had difficulty speaking when he was small, well-known belief is disputed by Albert Einstein about the archive itself.

3. Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879. Soon after Pauline Einstein, Einstein’s mother, seeing her new baby, he thinks Einstein had an abnormal head size. She worried her baby will have serious health problems.

4. As long as he is healthy, Albert likes to walk down the street. He said he went to find a new relaxation and time to think of new ways to solve the mystery of a different perception.

5. Albert Einstein loved to play the violin. His talent for playing and enjoy the music came from his mother Pauline Einstein.

6. Einstein rejected the position of Prime Minister of Israel
On November 9, 1952, after the death of Israel’s first president Chaim Weizmann, Einstein was offered to the post of Prime Minister by the Government of Israel, but he refused the offer because he felt too old and do not have enough experience for this job, the reason Einstein was offered the Prime Minister because he was a Jew who is very popular and respected among the Jews.

7. Einstein never wore socks
It is very strange and interesting but it is 100% correct, Einstein never wore socks all his life on the grounds that the socks will someday be hollow, then why should wear the same socks and shoes if they’ll be fine, bizarre thoughts .

Albert Einstein Kid

Albert Einstein Kid

8. Einstein and the discovery of his refrigerator
Most people think that Einstein was just a theoretical scientist, but not many people know that he has a very good handle on practical science. According to the research, Albert Einstein discovered the refrigerator after writing the famous theory of relativity, but unfortunately his inventions never went into production.

9. Einstein had a child out of wedlock
According to recent research, Einstein had an intimate relationship with his girlfriend, Mileva Maric at the end of 1890. Before mating, Milea Maric found herself pregnant and they decided to hide his son, Einstein married a year later after he got the job.

Einstein And His Theory

Einstein And His Theory

10. Einstein failed school exams
It is the common notion that people who failed the exam tests students that school is stupid, but this does not apply to an Albert Einstein. When he did not pass the entrance exam because the school failed in language and culture, but Einstein was able to become an outstanding scientist and became one of the world’s most famous figures. These are the facts about Albert Einstein that you might not know.

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