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10 Interesting Amazon Rainforest Facts

Friday, August 5th 2011. | Nature

Amazon rainforest is one of the lungs of the world, this forest is one of the world’s largest rainforest. Today the Amazon rainforest is very terrible conditions, people ruin this forest to take a nominally wood use for furniture industry and other purposes. It is 10 interesting Amazon rainforest facts, hopefully this article can help us to save the Amazon rainforest.

1. Amazon rainforest is the world’s largest rainforest, the Amazon has an area of six million square kilometers.

Amazon Rainforest Map

Amazon Rainforest Map

2. There are 50-200 different species of trees per hectare in the Amazon.

3. Total estimated 2500 species of trees and the total estimated 40,000 plant species.

4. There are 2.5 million species of insects in the Amazon and there are 7500 species of butterflies.

5. 50 species of ants have been found in one tree.

6. One in five of all bird species in the world live in the Amazon.

7. Amazon rainforest contains 30% of all flora and fauna in the world.

Amazon Ant Species

Amazon Ant Species

8. Amazon Basin contains one-fifth of the world’s fresh water.

9. Amazon River flows through nine countries.

10. Pirarucu – the largest freshwater fish in the world are found in the Amazon. These fish can grow to a length of 2.5m and weighing 250kg



Some of the facts above are facts about Amazon rainforest, hopefully with some of the above facts to make everyone aware to preserve the Amazon rainforest.

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