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10 Interesting Arizona Facts

Monday, November 5th 2012. | Places

Arizona facts are collection of interesting facts about Arizona. There are many interesting places that we can visit in Arizona. Here are 10 interesting Arizona facts.

Arizona fact 1

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The Salt river

Arizona has four main rivers, namely, the Salt, Verde, Gila and Colorado. This condition is also gifted with natural lakes, many of the habitats for game fish.

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Arizona trout is found only in Arizona.

Arizona fact 3

The saguaro cactus blossom is the official state flower. The white flowers bloom at the end of the saguaro cactus during May and June. The saguaro is the largest cactus in the United States.

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Arizona leads the nation in copper production.

Arizona fact 5

Petrified wood is the official state fossil. Most of the petrified wood from the Petrified Forest in northeastern Arizona.

Arizona fact 6

Tie a tie ball is the official state.

Arizona fact 7

Palo Verde is the official state tree. His name is still green and brilliant yellow-gold blooms in April or May.

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Petrified Wood

Arizona fact 8

Wren cactus is the official state bird. Grow seven to eight inches long and likes to build nests in the protection of thorny desert plants like the giant saguaro cactus arms.

Arizona fact 9

Turquoise is the official state gemstone. Blue-green stone has a little surface wax and can be found throughout the state.

Arizona fact 10

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Grand Canyon

This is the last fact on this facts about Arizona article. Arizona is the home of the Grand Canyon National Park. This is interesting Arizona fact.

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