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10 Interesting Arkansas Facts

Wednesday, September 21st 2016. | Places

Arkansas fact is a collection of facts about Arkansas history. Arkansas is a state of the United States. This state is located in the south. In 2000, this state has a population of 2,673,400 people and has an area of 137,002 km ². Its capital is Little Rock. Here are 10 interesting Arkansas facts.

Arkansas Fact 1:

arkansas fact


Wal-Mart in Arkansas founded by Sam Walton.

Arkansas Fact 2:

People from Arkansas is called an Arkansan.

Arkansas Fact 3:

Little Rock is the state capital and largest city in Arkansas.

Arkansas Fact 4:

Toothbrush was invented in Arkansas.

Arkansas Fact 5:

Singer Johnny Cash was born in Kingston, Arkansas.

Arkansas Fact 6:

Fourteen meteorites have been found in Arkansas.

Arkansas Fact 7:

Arkansas is also known as a country of hot water.

arkansas fact

Johnny Cash

Arkansas Fact 8:

Diamonds is the official state gem.

Arkansas Fact 9:

Arkansas is officially known as the State of Nature.

Arkansas Fact 10:

arkansas fact


This is last fact on this facts about Arkansas article. Mockingbird is the official state bird in Arkansas. This is interesting Arkansas fact.

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