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10 Interesting Beyonce Facts

Tuesday, January 24th 2012. | People

Beyonce fact is interesting topic on this post. Beyoncé Giselle Knowles is an R & B singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, dancer, fashion designer, and model from the United States. For his work in music, he was awarded a Grammy Award and besides, he was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for his work in acting. Beyoncé is the beginning of fame as a member of Destiny’s Child record sales has reached 50 million. Here are 10 interesting Beyonce facts.

Beyonce Fact 1

beyonce fact

Beyonce 2007 Concert

In 2007 Beyonce Knowles lives in concert to celebrate the Ethiopian millennium celebrations for the country.

Beyonce Fact 2

Beyonce Knowles has entered the list of richest celebrities under the age of 30 years according to Forbes magazine with $ 80 million.

Beyonce Fact 3

Beyonce fact awarded for best dressed celebrity by People magazine in 2007.

Beyonce Fact 4

In 2007, the fact Beyonce was chosen as the brand ambassador for American Express. He was elected because he has a lot to inspire and become role models for others.

Beyonce Fact 5

Beyonce inspired costume and fashion of a dream.

Beyonce Fact 6

Beyonce fact accounts for one word in the dictionary is bootylicious.

Beyonce Fact 7

In 2008, Beyonce and Jay-Z’s husband was ordained as the richest celebrity couples with total revenues of $ 162 million.

beyonce fact

Beyonce Becomes Fashion Trendsetter

Beyonce Fact 8

Beyonce fact consider marriage with Jay-Z is not perfect. But there is no perfect marriage and Beyonce admitted they often fight like other couples.

Beyonce Fact 9

Autumn of 2007, Beyonce launched HP’s own product with the brand B’Phone. Mobile phones are the creation of working with Samsung, and have exclusive content such as songs from Beyonce, videos and photos.

Beyonce Fact 10

Beyond Want Smaller Ear

Beyond Want Smaller Ear

This is last Beyonce fact on these facts about Beyounce article. Beyonce expect to have smaller ears because he felt his ears wide. This is unique Beyonce fact.

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