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10 Interesting Blue Whale Facts

Monday, February 6th 2012. | Animal

Blue Whale fact is an interesting topic that we will discuss in this post. The blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) is a marine mammal enters the suborder of baleen whales. Extends for more than 33 meters and has a mass of 181 metric tons or more. The animal was believed to be the largest animal that ever lived. Here are 10 interesting Blue Whale facts.

Blue Whale Fact 1

Blue Whale Fact

Blue Whale Fact

Recorded the biggest Blue Whale ever measured 108 feet (33 meters) in length. The length of adult Blue Whale is about 75-100 feet (22-30 meters).

Blue Whale Fact 2
Blue whales heart beats only 5-6 times per minute and the size of a Mini Cooper

Blue Whale Fact 3

Blue whales weigh scales up to 181 metric tons (1 ton = 1,000 kg) or 399.000 Euro

Blue Whale Fact 4

They are fast, strong swimmers, capable of reaching 30 mph (48.3 km / h) when there is danger, but they usually crawl along about 12 mph (19.3 km / h).

Blue Whale Fact 5

Blue whale’s tongue weighs about 2.7 metric tons (5952 pounds) Size of average adult Asian elephants

Blue Whale Fact 6

The mouth is large enough to store up to 90 metric tons (198,400 GBP) food and water which is equivalent to 420 560 Big Mac

Blue Whale Fact 7

Liver weight of a blue whale 600 kg (1300 lb) and is the largest known in any animal. Not only is it similar to the size of a mini cooper but well worth the weight

Blue whale Tongue Same Weight As Elephant

Blue whale Tongue Same Weight As Elephant

Blue Whale Fact 8

Scientists estimate that Blue Whales can live at least 80 years old

Blue Whale Fact 9

Whale Blue whale lungs carry about 5,000 liters (1320 gallons) of air, about 1,000 times the average lung capacity of human

Blue Whale Fact 10

Blue Whale are the Noisiest

Blue Whale are the Noisiest

This is last fact on these facts about Blue Whale article. Blue whales are the noisiest animal on Earth, they call reaches levels up to 188 decibels louder than a jet, which only reached 140 decibels. Screaming man is about 70 decibels. This is interesting Blue Whale fact.

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