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10 Interesting bottlenose dolphin facts

Wednesday, August 24th 2011. | Animal

Dolphins are smart fish. Not easy to measure the intelligence of dolphins because they use the brain differently than humans. The scientists noted there were 10 bottlenose dolphin facts.

1. Bottle nose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) is mammals that included in the Order Cetacea and the Family Delphinidae.

Bottlenose Dolphin

Bottlenose Dolphin

2. Dolphins are smaller and more slender-bodied live in the waters off the coast, while the bigger ones have more body and head upright and live in deep water

3. Beak is quite short with an average of 40 teeth in each jaw. Body length reaches 4 m with a weight of 150-650 kg

4. His back is bluish gray or brownish gray that has the dorsal fin as high as 23 cm. While the abdomen, chest and neck are white or pale gray.

5. Dolphins often form groups consisting of 25-50 or even thousands of tails that usually live far from the waters offshore. Smaller groups consisting of 2-15 tail and usually live near the beach.

6. Bottle Nose Dolphins have a high intelligence is evident from its ability to be trained quickly in performing complicated procedures such as acrobatic movements to only pay attention to the example given.

7. Bottle nose dolphins live spread from temperate waters to tropical waters with temperatures 24-290C.

Dolphin Colony

Dolphin Colony

8. Dolphins use sound to “see”. They use sound to find food and navigate. When hunting fish, dolphin noises are very noisy, making a small fish get “headache”.

9. Dolphins communicate with the “whistle” and the “name” to identify each other. Some scientists suspect that dolphins have a special call sign and use a special greeting when parting with his friends.

Yangtze River Dolphin

Yangtze River Dolphin

10. Most species of dolphins live in the sea. However, there are five species of dolphins that live in river water rapids. Freshwater dolphins are found in South Asia, the Yangtze River (China) and the Amazon and Orinoco rivers (South America). Above all the facts are facts about bottlenose dolphin.

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