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10 Interesting California Facts

Wednesday, June 1st 2011. | Places

California is one state in the United States, there are many interesting things from California. This is 10 interesting California facts.

1.California has many active volcanoes, one of the most famous is Mount Lassen, in the Cascade Mountains.

Mount Lassen

Mount Lassen

2. California has more registered vehicles than any other country.

3. In 1936, 5 “x 8” brass plate bearing evidence of Sir Francis Drake’s expedition of 1579 was found on the hillsides of California.

4. For 30 years after the Gold Rush, $ 1.26 billion in gold was discovered in California.

5. One of the most famous zoos in the world is the San Diego Zoo. Founded in 1916, it is home to 3900 animals of 777 different species. San Diego Wild Animal Park, covering 1,800 hectares, simulates natural habitats of animals. Facilities at the San Diego zoo are famous for their innovation and their programs for education.

6. California has hosted three Olympic Games. Two of the summer Olympics were held in Los Angeles, in 1932 and 1988. One Winter Olympics held in Squaw Valley in 1960.

7. At the turn of the century, California has a reputation as a healthy place to live. In fact, in 1900 ten percent of California’s population consists of people who live there because of health reasons.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

8. Mendocino County, on the north coast of California, known for the whales that migrate along the coast. Each year, gray whales migrate from their summer home from Alaska to their winter home near the Baja California in Mexico. From December through February, many people came to the coast in Mendocino County to view the majestic animals on their journey south, as they travel the closest to the beach.

9. El Centro, in Imperial Valley, is the largest U.S. city that lies below sea level.
The official language is English California, but many Spanish speakers Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans living there. Many newspapers printed in foreign languages. Before the arrival of European settlers, Native Americans have to speak 21 different languages.

10. One of the most famous natural attractions in California’s El Capitan Mountain in Yosemite National Park. This is three times higher than the Empire State Building and made mostly of granite. One side of the mountain is a wall that does not provide an easy place many climbers to continue. El Capitan is an internationally known challenge for climbers.

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

All facts above is facts about California.

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