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10 Interesting Cat Facts

Sunday, June 19th 2011. | Animal

Cats are one of the favorite pet for many animal lovers around the world. Did you know that all kinds of cats that are derived from a common ancestor although it is now evolving into different types of cats. This is 10 interesting cat facts.

1. Cats have about 30 teeth in his mouth.

Cat Teeth

Cat Teeth

2. Cats sleep longest among other animals, about 16 hours.

3. Cats with white fur and blue eyes are usually born deaf, although they developed other senses Instead.

4. In the animal kingdom, cats IQ rivaled only by monkeys and chimpanzees. Turns out cats are intelligent animals.

5. The cat would survive if dropped from the 20th floor instead of the floor 7. The reason is because the cat takes the equivalent of 8 levels to realize what was happening, calm and right itself.

6. Cats have acne, acne in cats as in humans.

7. Mumble cat 26 rev / sec, same as the frequency of the diesel engine is not working,

Falling Cat

Falling Cat

8. Whiskers in cats are very sensitive and can sense changes in air pressure even very small changes. This capability makes the cat can use it as an alternative guide to move in the dark when he cannot see.

9. All cats walk on tiptoe, so when she walked, her feet not touching the ground entirely.

Cat Walk

Cat Walk

Image from warren photographic.

10. Cats have five fingers on the front foot, and they only have 4 fingers on the back foot. However, in some cats can be born with lots of finger to 7 and even with extra bone. Some of the above facts are facts about cat that you might not know.

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