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10 interesting Cheetah Facts

Thursday, May 19th 2011. | Animal

Cheetah is the fastest mammal on dry land and one of the graceful animals on pasture. Most of the cheetah live in Africa, parts of Asia, and some people call Acinonyx jubatus. It is 10 Cheetah facts.

1. Cheetah running speed

Cheetah Runs

Cheetah Runs

Cheetah won the title of world’s fastest land mammal can run 0-103 km per hour only 4 seconds and can reach speeds of 120 km per hour. After all, the cheetah cannot keep their high speed of more than 30 seconds. If they insist to improve the speed, their lungs would explode and kill them.

2. How cheetah drinking?

Cheetah drink in three ways. They were taken directly from the pool, they took the extract moisture with their noses, and they take blood from their prey.

3. Cheetah lung

To get their prey, the cheetah enlarge their lungs to collect more oxygen. During this event, Cheetah breathes the air 150 times per minute. Because respiration is a matter of life or death, the cheetah cannot inhale too fast or too slow.

4. Cheetah purrs

As the Cat family, the cheetah does not roar like a tiger or lion. Cheetah purrs to communicate and they use their claws Nonretractable beneath their feet and long tails to control speed and direction to direct their

5.Cheetah Female
After 2 years, one adult female cheetah are ready to breed. Generally, one female cheetahs mate with more than one man and he will give 3 to 5 pups cheetahs.

6. Cheetah size

Without a long tail cheetah is 3 ½ to 4 ½ feet. Cheetah males are generally larger than females and weigh 75 to 150 pounds. In the wild, cheetah can live more than 8 years and in captivity, they can live from 15 to 17 years.

7. Protected species

Cheetah is a protected species and in several countries. In the early 20th century, the cheetah has disappeared from the wild lands of India, but this is good news that local governments have sought to protect cheetahs since 1940

Cheetah Runs

Cheetah Runs

8. Cheetah Birth sign

Cheetah destined to live in grasslands or savanna along with the herbivores. Meanwhile, their son, neck and shoulders have long gray hair and mane. It will disappear after they mature and the only place where there are no places available since the day they are born until the day they die is their stomachs.

9. Cheetah senses

Cheetah is a fast runner and has a wonderful sense of smell and excellent hearing. Besides speed, the cheetah is the best gift for sharp vision.

10. Pet Cheetah

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

During the ancient Egyptian Empire in 1556-1605, Mughal Empire, has a thousand cheetahs in their palace. Akbar using prisoners as food for Cheetah. All these facts are the facts about Cheetah which you probably do not know.

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