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10 Interesting Christmas Facts

Saturday, June 18th 2011. | Event

Christmas is the most awaited day by the whole Christian people, every December 25th, people celebrate the birth of Jesus with the celebration, wine, cakes and free food. People usually celebrate Christmas with the family gathered together and perform a variety of festivities. This is 10 interesting Christmas facts.

1. Send a Christmas greeting card was first performed by Sir Henry Cole in 1843. It was Sir Henry Cole was very busy and could not visit his friends, and then he made a card with the words “Merry Christmas and Happy new year”.

Christmas Card

Christmas Card

2. Santa Claus is more famous than Jesus at Christmastime. Christmas is a day to commemorate the birth of Jesus, but we often see Santa Claus doll in the public area.

3. Put up the Christmas tree tradition came from Alsace, France. At first Christmas tree installed in the town square, after which the Christmas tree is often installed in front of the church. Christmas tree is the symbol of a tree in the Garden of Eden.

4. Gift-giving customs and send the card has been done several centuries ago. In ancient Rome, to honor the goddess of the New Year, Strenia, they exchanged gifts and sending greeting cards.

5. Christmas trees are not available prior to the 16th century. Christmas celebration with the Christmas tree was started by a German pastor, Martin Luther. He took a cedar from the woods and brought it home to teach their children that Jesus came from the stars and he went to earth to save mankind.

6. Before 1600s in the UK Christmas held every December 25. However, in 1644, Parliament acted to ban all practices and customs of Christmas celebrations. The ban ended after Governor Sir Edmund Andros to lead the city.

7. Santa is a figure of real life. Before the 16th century, the popularity of St. Nicholas’s generosity spread throughout Europe. He was known as a philanthropist who likes to give gifts. In France, his name is known as ‘Pere Noel’. In Germany, ‘Pere Noel’ is known as a sort of Christ.

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

8. The tradition of gift exchange gift symbolizes the day when Isaac infants received three gifts of the three Magi Balthazar, Melchior, and Caspar who traveled hundreds of miles following the star of Bethlehem to find the king of all Jews.

9. Word Christmas and Xmas literally have the same meaning. Geek in the alphabet, X is called Christos means Christ in English.

Christmas Deer

Christmas Deer

10. One of the most famous animals when Christmas is deer. Deer even become a symbol when Christmas besides Santa Claus. Some of the above facts are facts about Christmas you may not know.

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