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10 Interesting Civil War Facts

Wednesday, April 25th 2012. | Event

Civil war fact is an interesting topic that I will show in this post. Civil War refers to a type of war where instead of two or more countries into opposing camps, but some factions within a political entity. In the English civil war called a civil war which literally means “civilian war” or “civil war”. Here are 10 interesting civil war facts.

Civil War Fact 1: The Black Union soldiers

civil war fact

Civil War Battle

The first point of fact relating to the civil war black soldiers union. People protest related to differences in their salaries. Such a complaint, they refused to accept a salary for 18 months from the higher paid white soldiers.

Civil War Fact 2: Dead people

The civil war in the United States record relating to the dead. The American conflict, this is the biggest event that consumed the lives of many people. It is reported that 2/3 of the dead who die from the disease.

Civil War Fact 3: Slavery
Abolition of slavery is not really the main objective of the northern people. Abraham Lincoln declared that the war was used to restore the Union. But he included slavery as one of the major problems because he wanted to increase business.

Civil War Fact 4: Soldier

Battle of the people of south and north of unforgettable things. Most of the soldiers who fought in the war knew each other. Some of them could be your roommate or best friend. This will be a difficult situation against their friends.

Civil War Fact 5: Disease

The biggest fear faced by soldiers in a war ship is shot by a bullet. They are more afraid to be infected by the disease. Many soldiers on both sides have died from the disease.

Fact 6 Civil War: Robert E. Lee

The sixth point was civil war facts about Robert E Lee. This is the person responsible for the northern army command. Then this guy decided to protect the original state of Virginia.

Civil War Fact 7: Economy

When the civil war ended, there are large gaps related to the economic conditions of the southern and northern U.S.. Destroyed the economic conditions faced by people coming from northern countries. People who live in the south of the country are lucky because industrialism can help improve the economy.

Civil War Medical care

Civil War Medical care

Civil War Fact 8: Ethnicity of soldier

It is reported that most people who fought in the civil war was an immigrant in the United States. I can say that one of 10 soldiers in the civil war were African Americans. It seems that white people get a small proportion.

Civil War Fact 9: Mourning Women

The ninth point of fact a civil war is about a woman mourning. When a woman loses her husband in the struggle, he had to mourn for a minimum of 2.5 years. As such, she was only wearing a black suit with no social activities, outings, no party and no visitors at home.

Civil War Fact 10: Name of civil war

civil war fact

War of Rebellion

This is last fact on these facts about civil war post. This war has many names to mention. Some of them include Rebellion War, the War for the Union, and the Brothers War. Another interesting fact in these civil war-related operations. The surgeon was never washed their hands after surgery. They assume that all human blood was similar in type. This is unique civil war fact.

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