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10 Interesting Climate Change Facts

Sunday, December 30th 2012. | Environment

Climate change fact is an interesting topic that we need to know. Climate change is a long-term change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over the period of time from decades to millions of years. This term can also mean a change in the average weather conditions or changes in the distribution of weather events on average, for example, the number of extreme weather events are the more or less. Climate change is limited to certain regional or may occur in all regions of the Earth. Here are 10 interesting climate change facts.

Climate Change Fact 1

Climate Change Fact

Carbon Dioxide Fact

Over the past 50 years, human activities – primarily burning fossil fuels – have released sufficient quantities of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases affect the global climate. Concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased by more than 30% since pre-industrial times, making the weather is getting hot and causing a variety of risks to health, from deaths in extreme high temperatures to changing patterns of infectious diseases.

Climate Change Fact 2

Facts on Climate Change from the tropics to the poles, the climate and weather have a direct and indirect impact strongly on human life. Extreme weather – such as heavy rains, floods, and disasters such as Hurricane Katrina which destroyed New Orleans, the United States in August 2005 – endanger health and destroy property and livelihoods. Approximately 600 000 deaths occurred worldwide as a result of weather-related natural disasters in the 1990s, some 95% of which occur in developing countries.

Climate Change Fact 3

Intense short-term fluctuations in temperature can also seriously affect health – causing heat stress (hyperthermia) or cold (hypothermia) – and led to increased death rates from heart and respiratory diseases. The fact recent studies show that climate change record high temperatures in western Europe in the summer of 2003 was associated with a spike of about 70 000 deaths over the same period the previous year.

Climate Change Fact 4

Aeroallergen levels of pollen and others are also higher in extreme heat. The fact of climate change can trigger asthma, which affects about 300 million people. Ongoing increase in temperature is expected to increase this burden.

Climate Change Fact 5

Climate Change Facts to rising sea levels – another result of global warming – increases the risk of coastal flooding, and can lead to population displacement. More than half the world’s population now lives within 60 kilometers of coastline. Floods can directly cause injury and death, and increases the risk of infection from water and vector diseases. Population movement can increase the risk of tension and potential conflict.

Climate Change Fact 6

More variable precipitation patterns tend to endanger the supply of fresh water. Globally, water scarcity already affects four out of every 10 people. The fact of climate change and water shortages poor water quality can endanger health and hygiene. This increases the risk of diarrhea, which kills about 2.2 million people each year, and trachoma (an eye infection that can cause blindness) and other diseases.

Climate Change Fact 7

Climate changes the fact that water scarcity encourages people to haul water long distances and store supplies in their homes. This can increase the risk of contamination of household water, causing illness.

climate change effect

Sea Level Increase

Climate Change Fact 8

Facts on Climate Change affect the condition of waterborne diseases, and via vectors such as mosquitoes. Climate-sensitive diseases are one of the largest global killers. Diarrhea, malaria and protein-energy malnutrition alone caused more than 3 million deaths globally in 2004, with more than a third of these deaths occur in Africa.

Climate Change Fact 9

Malnutrition causes millions of deaths every year, either from lack of sufficient nutrients to sustain life and the resulting susceptibility to infectious diseases such as malaria, diarrhea, and respiratory diseases. Increase in temperature on the planet and more variable rainfall is the facts of climate change are expected to reduce yields in many tropical developing countries, where food security is a problem.

Climate Change Fact 10

climate change fact

Reduce Greenhouse Effect

This is last fact on these fact about climate change article. Measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or reduce the health impacts of climate change can have positive health effects. For example, promoting the safe use of public transportation and active movement – such as cycling or walking as an alternative to using private vehicles – could reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve public health. They can not only cut traffic injuries, but also air pollution and respiratory and cardiovascular disease-related. Climate change facts that increase the level of physical activity can reduce overall mortality. This is interesting climate change fact.

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