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10 Interesting Clown Fish Facts

Friday, November 23rd 2012. | Animal

Clown fish are fish that includes the type species Amphiprioninae the Pomacentridae. About twenty eight species, one of which is a genus Premnas, while remaining in the genus Amphiprion. Clown fish have good relation with anemones. Clownfish usually have yellow, orange, reddish or blackish color. Largest species reaches a length of 18 cm, while the smallest only reaching 10 cm. Here is interesting Clown fish facts.

1. Clownfish live in small groups among the sea anemone, anemone is a kind of meat-eating animals are shaped like a plant. Clown fish obtain food scraps from the anemone, clown fish also eat the dead tentacles of anemones. Also protects the clown fish anemone from other fish attack with their tentacles.

Clown Fish

Clown Fish

2. Clown fish reproduce by laying eggs, so they’re not mammals. Clown fish can lay eggs 1000 eggs, and almost all the eggs survive. They spawn during the full moon, and the male clown fish are in charge of guarding the eggs.

3. Clown fish have an elliptical shape and has lines that make them look like a clown. In addition to the colors orange and white clown fish is also found in black and white.

4. All fish clown when born are male, but when the woman died a clown fish, clown fish as adults change from male to female. This is the most interesting facts about clown fish.

5. Clown fish are aggressive fish, but when the kite to see “Finding Nemo” clown fish is a fish the cute and quiet.

6. One species of fish called the percula clown fish, and they used to dance when he met with the anemone for the first time.

7. Clown fish have different names in several countries. In Japan they are called kakure-kumanomi, in Russian they are called obyknovennaya Rybka-kloun and they are also called klovnfisk in Denmark. Clownfish are a popular fish in several countries.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo

8. Clown fish are found in warm water Indian and Pacific oceans. Coral reefs in warm waters are a clown fish habitat. Clown fish is said to live for sixty-eight years, and they grow only 3-5 inches.
9. Clownfish is omnivores. They eat algae and food left by the anemones. If you use Clown fish as pet, you can take care of it easily. Clown fish care because they can easily survive without anemones as well.

10. Clown fish is protected from the poisonous tentacles of the anemone mucus layer that is present in their bodies.

Clown Fish And Anemone

Clown Fish And Anemone

Currently Clownfish are of sea water ornamental fish species that successfully bred in captivity on a large scale. Clown fish can undergo its life cycle in artificial water tanks, although there are some species that become very aggressive when living in captivity. Some of the above facts are facts about Clown fish.

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