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10 Interesting Crocodile Facts

Sunday, December 18th 2011. | Animal

Crocodile facts are one of a collection of interesting facts about crocodiles. Crocodiles are large reptiles that live in water. Scientifically, crocodile covering all species of Crocodylidae members, including the crocodile fish (Tomistoma schlegelii). This is 10 interesting crocodile facts.

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crocodile fact


Do you know if the crocodile tears? Tears will be generated if the alligator is too long in the land. The liquid that comes from the lachrymal glands, and tear it also helps clean the eyes.

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Crocodiles can move quickly to capture prey. Crocodiles can reach speeds of 18 miles per hour.

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Crocodiles can survive only with a meal in one year.

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Crocodiles have no lips. That is why the mouth of a crocodile is not tightly closed time. But when the alligator dive, he closed all the special cover in his throat. Function, let the water does not enter into the lungs.

Crocodile fact 5

A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out. The tongue attached along the mouth.

Crocodile fact 6

Crocodiles swallow stones (Gastroliths) as a grinder and helps digestion.

Crocodile fact 7

Crocodiles have a normal eyelid, coupled with transparent eyelids which are used as goggles for swimming under water.

Crocodile fact

Crocodile Tongue

Crocodile fact 8

A female crocodile can lay 80 eggs per year and can reproduce for 50 years.

Crocodile fact 9

Crocodiles have 18 fingers. And have five separate fingers on each front foot, and four webbed fingers on each of its hind legs.

Crocodile fact 10

Crocodile fact

Saltwater Crocodile

This is the last fact on this facts about crocodile article. In the 1960s, saltwater crocodiles in Australia are estimated to nearly extinct. Once issued protection laws, the population increases to more than 100 thousand heads. This is interesting crocodile fact.

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