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10 Interesting Cyber Bullying Facts

Thursday, June 2nd 2011. | Technology

The Internet has become a very convenient medium for cyber bullying. Most cases of cyber bullying experienced by teenagers. With the internet, one can bully or bullied by others. This is 10 interesting cyber bullying facts.

1. Nearly 42 percent of children (Grades 6-10) have been the victim of online bullying from their friends at school. One in four children receiving bullying several times from the same person.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying

2. Among the 42 percent, the most common form of internet bullying is ignored and disrespected.

3. Internet bullying experienced by high school students. According to the survey, 9 out of 10 middle school students experience cyber bullying of an online social network or chat.

4. Less than 25% of students (intermediate and advanced) who did not go to social networking sites or chat to bash or intimidate other students. Although the main reason is a joke, they bash their friends do not always make comfortable.

5. Of the 10 high school students, 4 of them ever lost their account passwords. Cracker was using the account to send vulgar messages to shame real account owner.

6. Nearly 21 percent of elementary school students we have been receiving threatening messages on the e-mail, facebook wall or personal inbox.

7. Psychological and emotional consequences of bullying the same internet as the real world effects of bullying. Worst, in the Internet space, there is no way to run. Real life bullying may end up after school ends but differ with Cyber bullying is always online 24 / 7

Account Hack

Account Hack

8. The media most commonly used Internet social networks such as bullying next to facebook in the Chat room. 56 percent of victims of internet bullying that come out of the room.

9. The girl suffered intimidation 2 times more than boys. The bully is a child of another woman at the school or the boys who did not get a chance to become a close friend.

10. 58 percent of children in elementary and junior high schools have internet bullying:

Internet Bullying

Internet Bullying

35 percent of them along with their parents, 9% of them along with their teachers, and the percentage of the rest suffer with their brother sister friend, and keep it for themselves.

10 facts above are the facts about cyber bullying that often occurs in teenagers.

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