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10 Interesting Deforestation Facts

Sunday, June 12th 2011. | Environment

Deforestation is one of the things that are harmful to human survival. People cut down trees to enrich themselves without thinking of the consequences of natural damage that occurs because of their deeds. Deforestation has made a variety of damage and causing natural disasters. It is 10 interesting deforestation facts.

1. The most popular effects of deforestation is increasing global warming, greenhouse gas emissions, global climate, the composition of carbon in the soil, decreased oxygen levels, and the imbalance of the biosphere. Deforestation also causes flooding, being unable to absorb rain water into the soil.
Deforestation In Asia
2. Deforestation is usually done for purposes of industrial and agricultural base expansion includes the exploitation of, livestock, timber and forest experiments. Deforestation has turned green land into waste land afterwards.

3. Statistics have shown that rapid deforestation around the world is not slowing down. It is predicted that by the year 2030. Biodiversity in the Amazon will only remains 10% as compared to what we can find today. UNFAO also stated that in 2050, a total area of deforestation around the world will cover an area of the sub-continent of Asia.

4. Every year some of us are destroying 8.5 million hectares of green tropical forest. Most of them are people who are not responsible. Urbanization is also one of the causes of deforestation, they are altering the forest became a place to live.

Deforestation In Madagascar

Deforestation In Madagascar

5. Thanks to corruption and exploitation industry, Nigeria has lost 81 percent of their forests, followed by Brazil 90-95 percent, and India, the Philippines, Thailand, Bangladesh, Burma, China, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Congo and Ghana, which has lost more than 50% its rain forest land.

6. Deforestation affects the water cycle into the atmosphere and creates a dry climate; this makes the hot air and reduces humidity.

7. Deforestation reduces soil quality and lead to soil erosion and flooding. Deforestation has increased the flow of sub-surface and often leads to unexpected flooding to the lower lands.

8. Without trees, the soil above the ground tends to slide down. The roots of rainforest trees have many functions and some of them are keeping the soil fertile and binding on the underlying bedrock. Landslides often cause damage and we can find almost every year in many countries.

9. Deforestation has disrupted the biodiversity in the forest. Countless materials unclassified drug has permanently lost before we know what the benefits from it. One thousand plants, rare animals and insects have disappeared because of deforestation.

Amazon Rainforest Deforestation

Amazon Rainforest Deforestation

10. Deforestation has transformed the living standards of ordinary people. We now depend on a lot of logging and wood products. The endless demand of basic commodities has made the wood timber industry into a sustainable resource. Deforestation makes many problems that threaten human life. These are the facts about deforestation that you should know.

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