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10 Interesting Diabetes Facts

Sunday, November 27th 2011. | Human

Diabetes fact is something we need to know so that we can avoid diabetes which is very dangerous. Many people still assume parental diabetes is a disease or diseases that only occur because of heredity. This may be due to the lack of information in the community about diabetes, especially the symptoms. But heredity alone is not sufficient to cause a person has diabetes, because the risk is only 5%. Here are 10 interesting diabetes facts.

Diabetes fact 1

Diabetes fact


WHO predicted that more than 346 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes.

Diabetes fact 2

India is a country with the highest diabetics (40 million people) in the world.

Diabetes fact 3

Diabetes is a major cause of death to 7 in the United States.

Diabetes fact 4

Diabetes is predicted to become the leading cause of death to 7 in the world in 2030.

Diabetes fact 5

More than 80 percent of diabetes deaths occur in low and middle countries.

Diabetes fact 6

Approximately 3.2 million people worldwide die each year due to diabetes or its complications.

Diabetes fact 7

WHO projects those diabetes deaths will double between 2005 and 2030.

Diabetes fact

Diabetic Toe Ulcer

Diabetes fact 8

Global pandemic of diabetes continues to increase because of cases of overweight, obesity and physical inactivity also increased.

Diabetes fact 9

Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure in the world.

Diabetes fact 10

diabetes fact

Heart Attack

This is the last fact on 10 interesting facts about diabetes article. Diabetes is also a major cause of heart disease, stroke, blindness and amputations in the world.

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