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10 Interesting Dog Facts

Tuesday, October 23rd 2012. | Animal

Dogs have accompanied human life since 15 thousand years ago. However, many interesting facts about the animals of this Latin name Canis lupus is unknown. It is 10 interesting dog facts.

1. Humans are also good friend Add Friend

Dog Friend

Dog Friend

Journal of The British Psychological Society in 2000 stating the person walks with the dog have the opportunity to interact with others three times as much. Dogs also increase the likelihood of social contact for the owner, even though dog owners looking grim and shabby.

2. Ancestors Chihuahua derived from the Middle East
Although the name smells of Latin America, the journal Nature in March 2010 said Chihuahua comes from the Middle East. Paris Hilton’s favorite dog, the dog also another mini, has a gene similar to the gray wolf in the Middle East. The wolf is shrinking gradually after the local community makes it a pet.

3. Mammals with the most face variations
Variations in Canis lupus is equivalent to the difference between species. Research in the Journal of The American Naturalist 2010 stated differences in the skull Collie and the Pekinese as many differences in the skull of cats and seals.

4. Benign Race Live Longer
The study, published in the Journal of The American Naturalist June 2010 declared the dog from the fast-growing aggressive race, spend more energy, and tend to die younger than the home range of dog breeds golden Retrievers.

5. Feeling Jealous
In Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2008, the dog proved to envy when not given a snack, while seeing other dogs get it.

6. Not Feeling Guilty
Eyes full of compassion that is shown when the dog chewed out because of an error instead of showing the guilt. That’s their response addressing his master warning. Dogs with no one who was accused of making mistakes often addressed sympathetic view, rather than a real dog’s fault.

7. Can Carry Disease
The most famous is the disease rabies. The rabies virus can be eliminated by injection, which is easily obtained in Interest Animal Husbandry Department in each city. Dog foods that contain salmonella bacteria can be toxic to the human diet. Other diseases originating from roundworms that grows on dog poop. These worms can live in human body, namely in the back of the eyeball and cause blindness. The good news, infections are rare and can be prevented by washing hands after holding the dog.

Jealousy Dog

Jealousy Dog

8. Thinking equivalent Infants 2 years
thus the results of research at the American Psychological Association, 2009. Some races are able to understand 200 words. Border collie is the smartest race, followed by poodles, shepherds, golden retrievers and Doberman.

9. Can Knowing Disease in Humans
Various reports say the dog realizes there is a danger about 45 minutes before his master got epilepsy. Other diseases that can be felt the dog was cancer, diabetes, and prostate. This capability is likely to come from changes in the smell that emanated from the people with the disease.

10. Dog have same desease with human

Dog Disease

Dog Disease

Every year six million dogs convicted of cancer. Dogs are also the only carnivore at risk for stroke that cannot walk. This equation is used in medicine to choose a dog as a medium for drug trials. Some of the above facts are facts about dog that you might not know.

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