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10 Interesting Dolphin Facts

Wednesday, May 18th 2011. | Animal

Dolphins are smart fish. Not easy to measure the intelligence of dolphins, because they use the brain differently than humans. The scientists noted, there are 11 very interesting dolphin facts.

1. Like free ride

Dolphin Swim

Dolphin Swim

The dolphins love to swim following the boat speed, or jumping in front of and behind the speed boat. They swim as fast speed boat. Pacific white dolphins can swim at speeds around 28 km / hour. When following the boat speed, they are even faster. How do they do? Speed boat to create waves that push water upward. The dolphins swim in the waves and go with the flow created by speed boat. So, the dolphins do not need to expend energy to swim, but just ride with the flow.

2. Noise

The dolphins use sound to “see”. They give voice and listen to the reflections to look for food and navigation. When hunting fish, dolphins sound very noisy, making a small fish become dizzy.

3. Foot Bones

Millions of years ago, dolphins had legs. Scientists see there are two pieces of the pelvis within the framework of a dolphin. Maybe it was the former leg bone. Some scientists suspect dolphin ancestors walked on land.

4. Sharp Teeth

If the dolphins have a dentist, a doctor must be busy. Several species of dolphins have teeth more numerous and longer than the crocodile. There are species of dolphins that have long teeth as many as 250 pieces. However, the dolphins do not like to bite humans. You never read the news there is a dolphin bite humans, right?

5. Partnership Compact

Sometimes thousands of dolphins hunting together. They marched encircle prey. The area is surrounded by wide, then scaled down so that the prey to confusion, and then eaten.

6. Helping Fishermen

The dolphins are often crowded around the fishing boat while jumping. They guide the fish into the nets of fishermen. In Brazil, bottlenose dolphins alert when fishing nets were full of fish.

7. Nickname

Dolphins communicate with the “whistle” and the “name” to identify one another. Some scientists suspect that dolphins have a special call sign and use a special greeting when parting with his friend.

Dolphin Colony

Dolphin Colony

8. Midwife Attendant

When a parent about to give birth dolphins, a dolphin play like a midwife, which help guard and labor. After the baby dolphin is born, the midwife to help care for baby dolphins.

9. Like Humor

Like humans, dolphins seem to like to joke. A dolphin named Ake, asked to help clean the pond. He took dirt in the form of leaves or pieces of objects, and then delivered to the coach. After the dirt in the pool runs out, the dolphins make their own. He was peeling paint on the pool, and then delivered to the coach, laughing.

10. Life in Fresh Water

Yangtze River Dolphin

Yangtze River Dolphin

Most species of dolphins live in the sea. However, there are five species of dolphins that live in watery river rapids. Freshwater dolphins can be found in South Asia, the Yangtze River (China), the Amazon River (Brazil), and Orinoco (South America).

Some of the above are facts about the dolphin that you might not know.

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