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10 Interesting Facts about Dream

Thursday, December 20th 2012. | Human

Facts about dream are a topic which we will discuss this time. Dreams are the communication between body, mind and soul. Actually, every time we dream even though we are not sleeping, but the dream took place in our subconscious. Here is interesting dream facts.

1. Facts about dream: A person who is blind also had a dream.

facts about dream

Blind People Dream

People who are born blind in his dreams did not see the images in his dreams, but they dream about the sound, touch and emotion that they may feel.

2. Facts about dream: We will forget 90% of our dreams.
About 5 minutes after you wake up you will soon forget the 50% of your dreams, 10 minutes and then 90% of “road stories” your dreams will be forgotten.

3. Facts about dream: All Those Dreams
All people dream of (except in some cases of serious mental illness) but men and women have different dreams and have different physical reactions.

4. Facts about dream: Dreams Prevent Emotional Disorders.
In a study of sleep, experiments conducted on someone who was awakened at the beginning of a dream but still be allowed to sleep 8 hours a day, after 3 days to loss of concentration, irritability, hallucinations and other emotional disorders.

5. Facts about dream: Stimulation of Foreign Influence of Our Dreams

Called “Dream Incorporation” and everyone must have experienced this, when things around us, this will affect our dreams.

6. Facts about dream: Dreaming Your Body When Will paralyzed

it occurs to prevent the body does not move to follow the “story line” of our dreams. There is a hormone produced when we sleep who makes the nerves send messages to the spinal cord causes our body to be relaxed and paralyzed.

7. Facts about dream: We only dream about what we Know
Often we dreamed of being in an unfamiliar place and meet with people we do not know. But our brains do not actually create its origin, actually all the people that we’ve seen, but we cannot possibly remember it.



8. Facts about dream: Dreams that does not Like What the Eye
What we saw in the dream is actually a symbol of something else. Our brains are very active when we sleep, he will find our memory database with great detail.

9. Facts about dream: Not Everyone has a dream in color
According to research 12% of normal people always black and white dream and other dreams can be full color.

10. Facts about dream: We tend to have dreams with similar themes

Theme of Dream

Theme of Dream

These are the last facts about dream that we will discuss. A person usually has a theme recurring dream. It is interesting facts about dream.

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