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10 Interesting Earth Day Facts

Thursday, January 3rd 2013. | Environment

There are many celebrations for the people who live on this earth, but Earth has only one day for himself. April 22, which crashed on Friday into a day designed to raise awareness and appreciation of the planet inhabited by humans, the earth. Here are some earth day facts.

1. Every day should be Earth Day. But why the popular Earth Day is celebrated on April 22? According to rumors, this date is taken as the date at which Vladimir Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union was born. The ideals of Lenin to abolish private property in line with the thinking of environmentalists.

Earth Day And Kids

Earth Day And Kids

2. History of Earth Day to dwell in the 1960s, when environmental damage is evident and people are getting sick about it. Yet environmental issues absent from the political agenda of the United States. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin was the one who started the fight to save the earth.

3. In 1969, Nelson adopted a form of protest which left from the model demonstrations of anti-Vietnam War or the so-called “teach-ins”. Nelson then recruited activist Denis Hayes in an attempt to launch the inaugural Earth Day on April 22, 1970. The rally, which in later regarded as the forerunner of the modern movement of the environmentalists.

4. On the first Earth Day, originally a U.S. citizen demand is to get clean air and water. At that level of pollution in the U.S. is fairly severe. Now the trend of global protests to save the environment has changed. Environmental issues of public concern arising now is not just short-term issues, but leaning more to the long-term issues like global warming, ozone hole and the extinction of animals and rare plants.

5. Hundreds of the event held annually to celebrate Earth Day throughout the world. Cafe in Winslow near Seattle, USA, Earth Day was celebrated with musical performances and unique campaigns. The cafe owner gave a gift to visitors who come by bicycle.

6. In Tarijia, Bolivia, the government scheduled the planting of approximately 10 thousand trees to mark Earth Day, while in Fiji hundreds of divers held a mass dive to clean the reefs of garbage attached. Not only individuals and activist non-governmental organizations, a number of multinational companies also celebrated Earth Day by handing out their environmentally friendly products for free.

7. Though internationally celebrated, some parties opposed the celebration of Earth Day. One is the Ayn Rand Institute in Irvine, California. U.S., where Keith Lockitch become prominent. These neoliberal groups oppose Earth Day and think of it as an anti-capitalist movement.

“We should have a day called` Day Feel Proud of Being a Man is Not Feeling Guilty Treading underfoot Earth Day ‘, “said Lockitch.

Earth Day Event

Earth Day Event

8. According to various blast analysis of this emerging generation of protestors since joining the 60’s (the largest student, students, and scholars) are known as motor anti-war movement, civil rights advocates that radical. A marriage between the 60’s rebellion and environmental awareness in the 60’s.

9. Since the introduction of Earth Day in 1970, the groups engaged in environmental protection in the United States have increased very rapidly with the number of members, among others:
(Group) Audubon Society 1962: 41,000 1970: 81,500
Izaak Walton League 1966: 52,600 people 1970: 53,600
National Wildlife Federation 1966: 271,900 people 1970: 540,000
Sierra Club 1959: 20,000 people 1970: 113,000
The Wilderness Society 1964: 27,000 people 1970: 54,000

10. The first Earth Day in the United States is the climax of the struggle of the environmental movement in the 60’s to push into environmental issues as a permanent national agenda. Now that Earth Day has become a global event. The executor Earth Day brings together in a global network of civil society for Earth Day which is EARTH DAY NETWORK, based in Seattle.

Earth Day Network

Earth Day Network

This is some facts about earth day.

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