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10 Interesting Facts about China

Friday, September 16th 2016. | Places

China is the country with the largest population in the world. China is also one of the world’s economic powers, today china is one of the countries that have the most rapid economic growth. Let’s look at 10 interesting China facts.

1. China’s economy grew 7 times faster as the United States over the past decade (316% growth vs. 43%)

China Economic Growth

China Economic Growth

2. China’s GDP per capita is 91-the lowest in the world, under the Bosnia & Herzegovina

3. 85 percent of artificial Christmas trees around the world are made in China. So 80 percent is toys.

5. China has more pigs than the combined 43 countries that produce pork.

6. China consumed 50,000 cigarettes every second

7. Fastest American “high speed” train runs less than half as fast as the new railway between Shanghai and Beijing (150 mph vs. 302 mph)

Biggest Pig Producer

Biggest Pig Producer

8. Large Chinese Gobi Desert is the size of Peru and extending 1400 square miles per year due to depletion of water resources, over-foresting, and over grazing

9. In 2025, China will build a skyscraper which is enough to fill TEN times the size of New York.

10. China’s GDP could overtake the U.S. in less than 15 years.

China Leader

China Leader

It is estimated that China will lead the world economy within 15 years, China is currently the country with the fastest economic growth in the world. Some of the above facts are facts about China that you should know.

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