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10 Interesting Facts about John F. Kennedy

Saturday, March 24th 2012. | People

John F. Kennedy fact are interesting fact collection about John F Kennedy. John F Kennedy was President of the United States-35. In 1960, he became the youngest elected President of the United States and the second youngest after Theodore Roosevelt for the presidency. Became president after Kennedy was sworn in on January 20, 1961. The Presidential office stopped after killing him in 1963. He was killed by bullets during a visit to Dallas (Texas) on 22 November 1963. Kennedy collapsed at an open car that took him past the crowd of people who welcomed his visit. On 25 November 1963, his body was buried in Arlington, Washington, DC. As many as 800,000 people joined mourners in the streets of Washington. Here are 10 interesting John F. Kennedy facts.

John F. Kennedy Fact 1: Youngest President

John F. Kennedy Fact

John F. Kennedy

This person is regarded as the youngest president in the United States. He was elected at age 43. Unfortunately, he was also the youngest president to die. Before he died, this man told his wife, Jack and his friends are going to be easy to shoot in a crowded place.

John F Kennedy Fact 2: Early life

John F Kennedy is a very well known. The letter F stands for the name Fitzgerald. This man was born in Boston. His father worked as an ambassador for Britain. Kennedy died before his parents died. However, his brother died in World War II.

John F. Kennedy Fact 3: U.S. Navy

Before Kennedy was president of the United States the United States, these men took part in the United States Navy United States in World War II. For Kennedy, this experience was memorable mainly he has to serve the PT boat 109. So, he wrote of these events in a book.

John F. Kennedy Fact 4: Lee Harvey Oswald

The fourth case of John F. Kennedy facts is about Lee Harvey Oswald. It was Kennedy who fired into the crowd. The murder took place on 23 November 1963. Kennedy was buried in Arlington National cemetery.

John F. Kennedy Fact 5: Children

John F. Kennedy is married to Jackie. They have three children. However, Patrick baby cannot come. He died soon after he was born into the earth. Another child named John died in a plane crash.

John F. Kennedy Fact 6: Literature

John F. Kennedy loved literature. He liked to tell anecdotes and stories. He is a fan of literature such as poetry and prose. Some of her favorite poems, including Rendezvous with Death was written during World War I and writing Ulysses.

John F. Kennedy Fact 7: Sports

Many people are concerned with health. There is exciting sport that he could do in my spare time. Some of them include sailing, swimming, football, gold, tennis, and the checker. He really likes to play games.

John F. Kennedy fact

John F. Kennedy Children’s

John F. Kennedy Fact 8: Brooks Brothers

Eighth aspect of John F Kennedy was the fact it is about fashion. His favorite place when he wants to buy an item of clothing is Brooks Brothers. However, Kennedy likes to wear clothes made from Saville Row for everyday use.

John F. Kennedy Fact 9: American Optical Saratoga

The fact is the ninth of its accessories. American Optical Saratoga is his favorite brand of sunglasses. When he was president of the United States, people are always using sunglasses at every opportunity in the outdoors.

John F. Kennedy Fact 10: Jacqueline Lee Bouvier

John F. Kennedy fact

Jacqueline Lee Bouvier

This is last fact on these facts about John F. Kennedy article. A final aspect of the John F Kennedy was on his facts. His full name is Jacqueline Lee Bouvier. They were married on 12 September 1953. This guy is 12 years older than his wife. Is age just a number? This is interesting John F. Kennedy fact.

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