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10 Interesting Facts about Mars

Thursday, October 18th 2012. | Universe

We often hear a lot of mysteries on Mars are attracting more attention of scientists and readers like us. But of the many mysteries of the planet Mars there are some facts we need to know. The following are interesting Mars facts.

1. Planet Mars has the largest mountain in the solar system

Giant Face Image

Giant Face Image

The mountain is called “Olympus Mons” and a mountain that is not active. With 15.5-mile height, in comparison, high mount Everest about 5 miles. Mars also has the largest gap in our solar system called “Valles Marineris” with a length of 2500 miles and a depth of four miles. Olympus Mons seen from above
surface of the planet mars

2. People always think about life on Mars because of the existence of the canal was first seen by astronomers
This is why people always think aliens attack originated from here, and not on the planet Jupiter or Venus. Actually, Mars is one planet inhabited difficult because of the freezing temperature, solar wind and almost no atmosphere. Channel seen by astronomers in the early straight-line observations of the experts believed there was any water there.

3. The planet Mars is named after the Roman god of war because of its red color of blood will remind observers
Planet Mars is red is caused by a soil consisting of iron oxide which we call the rust.

4. Compared with other planets in our solar system, Mars is counted as a small planet
The size is about half the size of Planet Earth. The planet Mars has one-third Earth’s gravity, which means you can jump three times higher than the jump you on earth.

5. In the 1970s, the Viking orbiter took the image of something that looks as frontispiece and form a giant pyramid on the surface of the planet’s Cydonia region

The pictures look like the Sphinx in Egypt and has a height of 2000 feet. This discovery makes UFOlogists are interested, but the researchers claim that it’s just piling up or mound of earth. Many people still think if the shape is too symmetrical, and assume it is a proof of the existence of an ancient alien.

6. The planet Mars has the most ferocious weather in our solar system
There are a ferocious wind storms, dust storms and smaller tornadoes. In 2001, a large dust storm that cover the entire surface of the planet for several days according to the earth. Researchers bit confused why the planet with little atmosphere can have a storm like that. They do not know what caused the storm, but there were more storms when Mars is closer to the sun. And at the farther end of the orbit, there are clouds made of carbon dioxide ice and dust. It is also a strange thing considering the Planet Mars there are no surface water.

7. Have done the search for life on Mars and search for water
After years of research for every crack in the planet’s surface as evidence of the presence of water, the researchers finally found it. Phoenix mission found that there are deposits of ice in large quantities below the surface of the planet.

Giant Face Image

Giant Face Image

8. The planet Mars has two months, and one of them has a chance to collide with Mars
One moon, Phobos, having a close orbit and endanger the planet Mars. One day, gravity will pull it and crashed into Mars. Fragments will remain in orbit Mars and make it ring like Saturn. In the end, these pieces will fall onto the surface of Mars. Researchers do not know when it will happen, but they predict will happen about 50 years.

9. Mars Atmosphere
The atmosphere of Mars is very thin and light as a result harmful free entry to Mars. Harmful light is called radiation that is dangerous to humans.

10. Only one third of all missions to Mars that successful

Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars

Many missions to Mars that just disappeared which led researchers to think there is something strange happened. They also argue that the planet Mars can be said as “Bermuda Triangle” in our solar system. The whole of this fact are facts about Mars that you should know.

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