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10 Interesting facts About Skeletal System

Saturday, May 26th 2012. | Human

Skeletal system fact is an interesting fact about skeletal system. Bone is one of the important components of the human body. This serves as a structure so that people can stand or even sit. Thus, you can move freely as you get the bone in the body. Here are top 20 interesting skeletal system facts.

Skeletal System Fact 1

skeletal system fact

Smallest Bone

Can you tell me the smallest bone in humans? Bone in our bodies is available in various sizes. You get the largest to the smallest. The smallest bone of the human body is available in your ear. It is named as a stirrup. Similar in size to a grain of rice.

Skeletal System Fact 2

If you think that the ears and nose are made of bone, you are absolutely wrong. The second part of the body is made of cartilage or cartilage. This material is lightweight and flexible. You can bend the ear and nose if you want too painless.

Skeletal System Fact 3

The third point is the skeletal system facts about bone strength. Human bones have weight. If you compare them with other materials such as steel and other metals, you need to know that they are six times harder and stronger.

Skeletal System Fact 4

Also contains a human foot bones. You cannot stand if you do not have a bone as a structure. There are 206 bones in humans. Bone lies at your feet, available in 52 parts.

Skeletal System Fact 5

Adults and infants have different number of bones. Adults as I have previously stated have 206 bones. When the baby is born, he has 300 bones. When he or she grows, some bones are integrated to create a bigger bone.

Skeletal System Fact 6

The sixth point of fact about the skeletal system is bone material. On the outside, you may find that difficult. Inside, the bone is more flexible and supple. You can find a jelly-like material called bone marrow that is located in the center of the bone. This is the place where the body produces blood cells.

Skeletal System Fact 7

If you had known the smallest bones, now it’s time for you to recognize the longest bone in the skeletal system. This is called the femur bone. It is located on your thigh. Bone length is a quarter of your height.

Skeletal system fact


Skeletal System Fact 8

When it comes on the largest bone, what part does it contain? It would be difficult for you because people do not realize about it. This is the hip bone. It contains the largest bone six tightly integrated.

Skeletal System Fact 9

Types of bones in your skeleton system varies. Categorization can be based on bone shape. It can be irregular flat bone, long bones, not circular and flat bones.

Skeletal System Fact 10

skeletal system fact


This is collection facts about skeletal system. The last point of fact the system is a framework to discuss about the bones in the hand. There are many parts of the bone that lies in this place. You can get 5 bones in the palm of the hand, wrist 8 and 14 in the fingers and thumb. This is interesting skeletal system fact.

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