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10 Interesting Facts about the Sun

Monday, January 7th 2013. | Universe

The sun is the center of our solar system. Sun is very special because sun role is crucial for life on Earth.
Here is a glimpse of facts about the sun:

1. The diameter of the Sun approximately 1.39 million km. While the diameter of the Earth around 12,740 km. Well, when the Earth entered in the Sun, the Sun can accommodate as many as 109 of the Earth.



2. The sun’s core temperature ranges from 15,000,000 degrees Celsius at the core, while the outer core temperature reaches 7 million degrees Celsius. And temperature on the surface of the sun is 6000 degrees Celsius. It’s also imagine how the heat guns, we wrote on Earth with temperatures 35-40 degrees Celsius is too hot.

3. Mass burst corona (CME) observed the fastest man occurred on August 4, 1974, radiating from the sun to the earth in 14.6 hours with a speed of nearly 10 million km / hour. What is corona? Corona is the outer portion of the sun’s atmosphere. Corona extent of a few million miles and the temperature reached 1 million degrees Celsius. Hole in the corona occurs when the suns magnetic field to jump into the sky.
Corona hole is what allows the solar wind, the flow of energy particles that penetrate into the solar system. Corona and chromospheres can only be observed with a special telescope called chronograph.

4. Sometimes solar flares sun heating the surface up to 80 million degrees Fahrenheit, which means far more heat from the sun’s core. Solar flares are magnetic storms that occurred on the surface of the sun. Initially, this storm looks like a very bright point before finally exploding. Solar flares produce very much energy particles and gases with high temperature are released thousands of miles from the solar surface.

5. Prominence (curved flames) can reach a distance of 200,000 to 300,000 km on the solar corona. Prominence may last several days. When exploded, it could provide additional energy to the solar wind.

6. Between 10 to 12 May 1999, almost no solar wind. This causes the Earth’s magnetosphere to expand its volume by more than 100 times. What is the solar wind? Solar wind is a stream flow of ions (charged particles) is not interrupted by the hole of corona. Solar wind emitted when the suns magnetic field to jump into space.

In X-ray images of the sun, the corona looks black hole and can last several months or years. Solar wind takes about 4.5 days to reach Earth. Solar wind causes the tail of the comet away from the sun and the occurrence of auroras on Earth and other planets.

7. In April 1947, sunspots reaches maximum size in history. Its size is more than 330 times the size of Earth. What is a sunspot? Sunspots are spots that are black in the sun’s outer skin. The shape and size vary. Although looking like a dot in the sun, the actual size is very large, even larger than the earth. There’s even a size sunspot 10 times the diameter of the earth.

Curved Flames

Curved Flames

8. On March 13, 1989, Quebec region of Canada experienced total electrical outages due to geomagnetic storms. Canadian economy when it suffered a loss of U.S. $ 6 Billion.

9. Earth’s climate becomes colder in the year 1645-1715. This is because the sunspots are not observed annual cycle 11.

10. The surface area of sun = 11 900 times the size of the earth’s surface.

Surface of the Sun

Surface of the Sun

This is the sun facts you might not know.

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