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10 Interesting Giraffe Facts

Saturday, May 14th 2011. | Animal

Giraffe is the tallest mammal. Since giraffe is very high, giraffe could take a leaf in the trees with his mouth. Did you know about Giraffe facts? These are 10 interesting Giraffe facts.

1. Giraffe is the tallest mammal in the world.



2. In 1 minute, the heart can pump blood giraffe of 160 gallons or about 600 liters more.

3. Giraffes are animal’s front legs longer than its hind legs.

4. Although the long neck, the giraffe has a neck bone segments that are equal with men, the seventh vertebra.

5. In addition to a long neck, giraffes also have long tongues until they reach 21 inches. Therefore, the giraffe can lick its own ears or ears.

6. Because giraffes cannot lie, baby giraffe, when born, fell more than 1 meter from its parent. Imagine if a human baby fell more than 1 meter.

7. Giraffes never slept more than 15 minutes because his neck is always straight. Compare with human sleep time reaches several hours.

Giraffe Tongue

Giraffe Tongue

8. If during the time we know that the camel is an animal that can survive long without water. It turned out that the giraffe can survive long lo … even longer than the camel.

9. Giraffe leg kick is so powerful, even to kill a lion. Rarely do we see a lion chasing a giraffe, because it is physically a lion less with the giraffe.

10. Unlike the elephant, giraffe fact has very good eyesight which is useful for monitoring the flock from a distance.

Giraffe Eye

Giraffe Eye

Maybe you do not know about some of these points. All data above are the facts about Giraffe that you might not know.

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