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10 Interesting Facts about Gorilla

Saturday, December 29th 2012. | Animal

Gorilla fact is an interesting topic for us to talk about in this article. Gorillas are the largest primates. Gorilla diet consists of vegetables, although sometimes also eat insects. Because of that gorillas can be classified as omnivorous animals. Gorillas come from tropical forests in Africa. Gorilla DNA is 97-98% identical to human DNA. Gorillas are the second after the chimpanzee species closest to humans. There are two species in the genus Gorilla, namely eastern gorillas and western gorillas. This is 10 interesting Gorilla facts.

Gorilla fact 1

Gorilla fact


Gorillas are the largest primates, the same family as monkeys, apes and humans.

Gorilla fact 2

An adult male gorilla can reach a height of more than 6 feet and weigh about 300 to 500 pounds

Gorilla fact 3

Gorilla arm can stretch up to 8 meters, and the strength of a gorilla with a human 4 to 8 people.

Gorilla fact 4

Like humans, gorillas have 2 legs and 2 hands, 10 fingers and 10 toes, ears on the side of the head, eyes looking forward and have 32 teeth.

Gorilla fact 5

Adult female gorilla size is about half the size of a male gorilla.

Gorilla fact 6

Unlike a human, gorilla hands are larger and muscular, toes and all the big gorilla looks like a thumb.

Gorilla fact 7

Gorillas usually walk with their feet placed flat and walking with the palm of their fingers.

Female Gorilla

Female Gorilla

Gorilla fact 8

When the gorilla beating his chest (chestslap) it was a sign he is showing aggression or excitement.

Gorilla fact 9

Gorillas can live up to more than 50 years.

Gorilla fact 10

Little Gorilla

Little Gorilla

This is the last fact on this fact about Gorilla article. The newborn gorilla is very small, and weighs only about 41 / 2 pounds. They are helpless at birth and are very dependent on their mother’s role in a period of 3 years, and they will usually live in family groups as they grow older. This is unique Gorilla fact.

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