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10 Facts about Holocaust

Monday, May 9th 2011. | History

The Holocaust has become a mystery that is still being debated for many people. The Holocaust is not known with certainty the number of Jews who died and the cause of their deaths. This is a 10 holocaust facts that we gather through a variety of sources. We never knew this fact real or not.

1. The Holocaust began in 1933 when Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany and ended in 1945 when the Nazis were defeated by Allied forces.

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

2. The term “Holocaust,” comes from “holokauston” the Greek word meaning “sacrifice by fire,” referring to Nazi persecution and planned the slaughter of the Jews.

3. Nazis used the term “Final Solution” to refer to their plan to kill Jews.

4. It is estimated that 11 million people were killed in the Holocaust. Six million were Jews.

5. Nazis killed about two-thirds of all Jews living in Europe.

6. In addition to Jews, Nazis have a target of the Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the disabled.

7. An estimated 1.1 million children were killed in the Holocaust.



8. On April 1, 1933, the Nazis instigated their first action against German Jews by announcing a boycott of all businesses owned by Jews.

9. The term “Nazi” stands for “Deutsche Nationalsozialistishe Arbeiterpartei” (“National Socialist German Workers Party”).

10. Jews were forced out of their homes and move to a smaller apartment, had to share with another family.

Jewish People

Jewish People

Some of the facts above are 10 facts about Holocaust. We do not know for certain what the actual facts, because there are many different opinions about the Holocaust.

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