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10 Interesting Horse Facts

Saturday, August 6th 2011. | Animal

At first horses is a wild animals. They are hunted for their skins and meat. Around 3000 BC it was changed and people began to tame horses and using them as a vehicle. Around 1900 BC the horse first appeared in Greece, which most likely came with the arrival of Indo-European. The invasion of the Hyksos or Amorites brought horses and chariots to Egypt around the year 1700B.BC it is 10 interesting horse facts.

1. One of the first horses called Hyracotherium. This horse lived about 50 million years ago and as high as foxes and has the toes. This horse changed over millions of years to become a modern horse.



2. Camargue horses are completely white as adults, but their babies when they are born pure black.

3. One type of horse from Russia called Akhal-Teke. This horse is able to travel without food and water.

4. Do you know if the horses spent more energy to lie?

5. You can find out how old a horse by counting the number of horses’ teeth.

6. A female horse is called a mare. In the wild it is a horse that decides when the herd to move elsewhere to find food.

7. A male horse is called Stallion. Usually only one stallion that will stay with the herd.

Horse Teeth

Horse Teeth

8. Each mark on the horse’s forehead is called a star, even if it is not shaped like a star.

9. The horse will feel more secure when they are in a herd.



10. Mustang is one of the descendants of some of the horses that live wild in North America. They were brought by Spanish explorers 400 years ago. Some of the above facts are facts about horses that you may not know.f

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