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10 Interesting Idaho Facts

Sunday, December 2nd 2012. | Places

Idaho fact is interesting topic that we will discuss in this post. Idaho is a state of the United States. This state is located in the north. In 2000, this state has a population of 1,293,953 people and has an area of 216,632 km ². Its capital is Boise. Here are 10 interesting Idaho facts.

Idaho fact 1

Idaho Fact Idaho River

Idaho Fact Idaho River

Idaho is also number one when it comes to the river. It has more rivers than any other country, stretching for miles in 3100 combined.

Idaho fact 2
This is one of them Facts that Idaho interesting that you can use as a family trivia. This country is bordered by one all of the following: Canada, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Wyoming, and Washington.

Fact Idaho 3
In 1928 the first Idaho license plate features the word “potato” was created. Read the following facts on this list to see why this is one more interesting fact Idaho.

Fact Idaho 4
Idaho is number one when it comes to growing, harvesting and selling potatoes.

Idaho fact 5

You may not have the desire to step in while traveling through the Statehouse Boise, Idaho but there Facts that can set you back. For example, do you know that it is heated by underground natural hot springs? You do not get any more environmentally conscious than geothermal heating.

Idaho fact 6
They say you have to travel through hell to get into heaven, and Idaho is to prove this is true. You will have to go to Top of Seven Devils’ to peek out from Lookout Gate of Heaven.

Idaho fact 7
After you peep neighbor, go to Island Park where you can walk for 33 miles down the main street of the longest in the country. If your feet are tired you start you just want to live in hell a little longer.

Geothermal on Idaho

Geothermal on Idaho

Idaho fact 8
Idaho Great Seal was designed by women. If that does not sound very special you may not realize that all the other Great Seal in the country designed by men.

Idaho fact 9
One way to ensure you stay on the right side of the law during the trip is to keep your RV from private land. The good news is 63% of Idaho is public domain so you should be pretty safe.

Fact Idaho 10

Idaho Town

Idaho Town

This is last fact on facts about Idaho article. When you ride through the American Falls, Idaho, know that you are actually standing on the secondary site of the city. Idaho Facts that entire town was moved in the1920s when the American Fall Reservoir was first created. This is interesting Idaho fact.

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