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10 Interesting Illinois Facts

Thursday, November 8th 2012. | Places

Illinois fact is an interesting topic that we will discuss in this post. Illinois is a state of the United States. This state is located in the center. In 2000, this state has a population of 12,831,970 people and has an area of 140,998 km ². Its capital is Springfield. Here are 10 interesting Illinois facts.

Illinois Fact 1

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Pinball was created in 1930 by in and Outdoor Games Company in Chicago.

Illinois Fact 2

Illinois was named after the state of Illinois from the Illinois River. The river was named by French explorer, René-Robert Cavelier, Monsieur de La Salle (1643-1687) for France, in 1679 after the native Indians who lived in the region. Illinois words translated from an Indian word “iliniwok,” which means “warrior”

Illinois Fact 3

Home Insurance Building was built in 1885 in Chicago, became the first modern skyscrapers in the world is the fact Illinois.

Illinois Fact 4

Abraham Lincoln’s first public office was as postmaster of New Salem, Illinois.

Illinois Fact 5

Illinois is one of fact the first nuclear chain reaction occurred at the University of Illinois at Chicago in 1942.

Illinois Fact 6

Inventors John Deere and Cyrus McCormick made their fortunes in Illinois by improving farm machinery.

Illinois Fact 7

Name Country Song fact Illinois is “Illinois” the words of the song is by Charles H. Chamberlin and music composed by Archibald Johnston.

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University of Chicago

Illinois Fact 8

When Illinois became states in 1818, it had a population of 34,620 people. The fact Illinois is now the sixth most populous state in the nation with nearly 11.5 million people.

Illinois fact the most densely populated countries in the six states with nearly 11.5 million people

Illinois Fact 9

The slogan of the Illinois state facts, “Land of Lincoln,” adopted by the General Assembly in 1955. State of Illinois has a copyright for exclusive use of the slogan.

Illinois Fact 10

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Sears Tower

This is last fact on these facts about Illinois article. Sears Tower, located in Chicago, is the world’s tallest building from 1973 to 1996. Sears Tower was the tallest building in North America. It covers two city blocks and raises one-quarter mile above the ground. Sears Tower as Illinois still leads in fact be the tallest building to the roof (1450 feet) as-well have the highest occupied floor (1431 feet). This is interesting Illinois fact.

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