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10 Interesting Car Facts

Tuesday, May 31st 2011. | Things

Car has a long history, providing many benefits, opportunities and is now available in various models and brands. At the beginning of the production car, the car has no roof, doors safe belt, or the steering wheel. It looks funny but it is real. In the following list, we will go back into history and capture interesting car facts.

1. First car

First Car

First Car

Production of the first car was more like a converted carriage equipped with automation systems. Not having speed control and regulator as well as steering control. This may be simpler than a modern car.

2. Use Cars in the past

in 1898, the car started to become popular but the government cannot afford to buy their vehicles for their police force. At that time, New York City Police department uses bicycles to snap people speeding with their motors.

3. Speeding tickets

in the early 20th century, the term ticket is not known until 1902. In that year, accelerating started to become a serious problem after a lot of accidents because of getting hit by a car.

4. Most popular car in history

In 1916, we could not find many brands of cars in auto shop. That year, 55 percent of cars running in the streets around the world are the model T Ford. In human history, no other cars are more popular than the Ford Model T.

5. Automakers produce cars with no gas gauge until 1922.

6. Fact about Karl Benz

Inventor Karl Benz’s first car was modern. He patented the first inventor of the modern automobile engine in 1879. Karl Benz was the inventor of the most popular car in Germany that is more than Gottlieb Daimler (Daimler Founder), Wilhelm Maybach (Founder Maybach), and Siegfried Marcus.

7. First Car Driver Distance

The first racer and the first long-distance driving is a woman. His name is Bertha Benz, the wife of Karl Benz. He traveled first to the car that made her husband in 1888.

Car's Gauge

Car's Gauge

8. Female inventors

Without women, we will not find a car that is easy as we know it today. 173 new discoveries related to the mechanism of a car gear including carburetor and an electric engine starter made by a female mechanic.

9. Car radio

Production of cars in the early 19 century and early 20th century is without entertainment media. The idea of adding radio will not appear until 1929.

10. Futuristic car

Futuristic car

Futuristic car

In the near future, automobile manufacturers may replace steel car bodies with duraluminum, fiberglass, carbon fibers, and nanotubes. As a substitute for oil, most cars in the future may be running with water, electric battery or battery liquid. All the facts are facts about car that you may not know.

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