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10 Interesting Facts about Jupiter

Saturday, February 25th 2012. | Universe

Jupiter fact is a mystery in the science of the solar system. The universe is a mysterious place in our solar system with galaxies and stars. The universe has eight planets orbiting the sun, namely Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Each planet is very different from each other and unique in its own way. Like Jupiter, this is an incredible planet with lots of amazing facts. Here are 10 interesting facts about Jupiter.

Jupiter Fact 1

jupiter fact

Jupiter Orbit

Fastest Around the Orbit. In addition to large, Jupiter is also the fastest in the round of orbit. It only took about ten hours to complete one rotation. Rotational speed to contribute strongly to the magnetic field that surrounds the planet with radiation.

Jupiter Fact 2

There is a ring around Jupiter. The main ring of the meteoroid dust remaining in a collision with a four-month (Thebe, Metis, Adrastea and Almathea). Scientists recently found a vague ring of a donut-like shape with a halo ring name.

Jupiter Fact 3

Hurricanes in Jupiter has some similarities with the storms on Earth. Storm on Jupiter did not last long, an average of 3-4 days. But powerful storms may occur due to dust that makes the wet air rises to the top of the troposphere that turns into a cloud including lightning. Powerful storm on Jupiter is much larger than on Earth.

Jupiter Fact 4

So far, Jupiter has 63 months, 4 months of the so-called Galilean discovered in 1610 by Galileo Galilei. The moon is Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. Ganymede is the largest moon-sized 3270 miles. What is interesting is that contains Io volcanoes, lava lakes and a large caldera. Mountain on Io may reach a height of 52 000 feet or 16 kilometers.

Jupiter Fact 5

In 1665, Giovanni Cassini is the first time who identified a large red spot on Jupiter. Looks like a giant storm the size of 40 000 km. However, at this size is only half of its original size. The planet is composed of solid hydrogen, water, nitrogen, helium. And ion winds caused a storm with lightning (like a large red dot).

Jupiter Fact 6

Jupiter has a range of low temperatures of -163 degrees and a high of -123 degrees Celsius.

Jupiter Fact 7

Jupiter has an outstanding set of thin rings of this planet. They were barely visible by telescope from Earth.

jupiter fact

Red Spot on Jupiter

Jupiter Fact 8

Facts about the Jupiter, Jupiter is mostly covered by clouds. The cloud is believed to be made of ammonia crystals.

Jupiter Fact 9

Jupiter’s magnetic field is the strongest of the planets. Estimated to extend more than 1.6 million miles. The combination of gravity and the strong pull of Jupiter’s magnetic field have a reputation as a “vacuum cleaner of the solar system”, as it sucks in comets, meteorites, and asteroids.

Jupiter Fact 10

jupiter fact

The Composition of Jupiter Center

Last Jupiter fact, Jupiter is believed that the center will consist of liquid metal hydrogen’s. his is interesting Jupiter fact.

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