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10 Interesting Justin Bieber Facts

Wednesday, September 14th 2016. | People

Justin Bieber is a singer newcomer gaining popularity of YouTube this is one phenomenal artist lately. Justin has the talent and interest in music that is high enough. He mastered the trumpet, piano, guitar, and drums that he learned his own since childhood. And the plan is also on 11 February 2011 he will release the movie Justin Bieber Never say never, the singer of this one was being a teenager in the world loved. Not only the songs that became hits, all the style and attitude also gives a strong influence on the fans that the majority of adolescent girls.
If your weight is one of Justin Bieber Fans must already know the following points, so this paper is only intended for new fans of Justin Bieber. This is Justin Bieber facts.

1. If Justin Bieber in love with someone, Justin must request their parents to be brought together during the tour and Justin cannot drink milk so the calcium pill is the solution for him.

justin Bieber

justin Bieber

2. Justin sometimes equates the color of her clothes except her panties with that Justin have a birthmark on her shoulder-shaped diamond. 3. Justin let his friends slap him if he is rude to people so that he would be humble and the song ‘My Favourite Girl’ Justin created for Taylor Swift

4. GPA Justin Bieber is 4:00! Perfect and Justin like the color purple!

5. Justin like Strawberry gum flavor but Justin does not like nuts

6. Justin did not like the movie Twilight and HSM and Justin have a desire to kiss a girl in the rain.

7. No one can control when Justin was in the mood at the party and the surprise is 3% Server Twitter is used only for Justin Bieber!

Strawberry Gum

Strawberry Gum

8. Justin at the age of 8 years collecting gum wrapper and do you know that Justin likes to use language baby talk with Sammy, dog.

9. Justin does not like to go to the toilet at night, Justin Justin’s afraid of the dark and usually spend 15 minutes in the bathroom.

10. My World 2:00 Justin recordings in just 1 week. Wow! And Justin favorite clothing store is Urban Outfitters

Justin Bieber Album

Justin Bieber Album

All the above facts are facts about Justin Bieber that you may not know.

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