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10 Interesting Facts About Life

Monday, June 11th 2012. | Human

Life fact is funny and interesting facts about life. We’ll show you 10 funny facts of life. Life is sometimes ridiculous and shocking. Life is beautiful and amazing, life is a miracle. Here is 10 interesting life facts.

Life Fact 1: The same goods

life fact

Woman Hobby

One of the popular hobby among women shoppers. They would love to buy accessories and fashion items that they do not need just because they are sold at a discount promo. One time, when you have to buy certain goods in the shops, you’ll find that same item offered at a cheaper rate elsewhere.

Life Fact 2: Mona Lisa

One of the phenomenal work of artist Leonardo Da Vinci painting Mona Lisa is the largest. If you examine this beautiful woman’s face, you will see that he has not eyebrows. It was the fashion in the era such as shaving the eyebrows if it is to be considered as a beautiful woman.

Life Fact 3: Internet

Technological developments are also represented through the internet. You can get lots of information on education, science, fashion, health and technology with ease by accessing the internet. If someone is bothering you every day, you just need to teach her to use the internet. Trust that they will not bother you for weeks.

Life Fact 4: Cell phone

Cell phones are a fact of life the fourth point. This is an invasion of technology to human life. People who like to use the phone when they want to communicate. In the U.S., more than 30 million mobile phones are used by people every day.

Life Fact 5: Olive tree

Olive is included as a small tree species. It is a member of the family Oleaceae. Interesting facts of life lies in the Olive. It can live to 1500 years.

Life Fact 6: Shirt

Shirt is a line of clothing that people wear when they want to go in a formal occasion. Shirts for men and women differently. If you see a man’s shirt, you’ll see that it has a button on the right side. Women’s fitted shirt with a button on the left side.

Life Fact 7: Cleopatra

Seventh point of fact life is about Cleopatra. He was considered a beautiful woman in the world. Queen of Egypt has been married to two of her annoying. Is not that ridiculous?

life fact

Olive Tree

Life Fact 8: Ants

Ant is a small animal. This species like the sugar. When people sleep, they will close their eyes. I just wanted to know about how ants can not sleep because they shout the eye.

Life Fact 9: Chewing gums

Cooking is a fun hobby for some men and women. They will have the opportunity to explore the skills to create an exclusive diet. If you have to slice the onions, I recommend that you eat chewing gum. This can reduce tears when you cut onions.

Life Fact 10: Fortune cookie

life fact

Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookie is the last funny fact on this facts about life article. You will be lucky if you can eat fortune cookies. This food was originally created by Charles Jung in America, 1918. This is funny life fact.

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