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10 Interesting Lion Facts

Wednesday, November 7th 2012. | Animal

Lions are large carnivores that control the forests and savannah since thousands of years ago. Lions are wild animals and fierce, lion king is usually referred to as butane. Here, we will talk about 10 interesting lion facts. Some facts are the facts that popular so you probably would not be surprised to find it again here.

1. Fact 1



In biology, the lion is classified in 7 different species. 6 of them are African, American, Mountain, Asia, Cave, White Lion and Hybrid. One of the famous lion hybrids is Tiglon. They were born from the marriage of genetic DNA Tiger and Lion.

2. Fact 2

Lion has the nickname lion. Lionesses have nicknamed She-Lion or Lioness, a baby lion called Cub, Lionet or Whelp and a group of Lion is Called Pride.

3. Fact 3
Physically, the lion man bigger and has a length of 10 feet and 300-500 lbs in weight as adults. They are territorial animals, the open Savannah with bushes of their favorite places, and they mark their territory with their urine. This is similar to that done by dogs to mark their territory.

4. Fact 4
Lions can live 10 years longer in captivity. In the wild zone, lions can live to 15 years. After 4 years, female lions reach maturity and male lions reach maturity a year later.

5. Fact 5

Lion’s mane is used to mark a more powerful and dominant. When full, dark means stronger lions.

6. Fact 6
Lion hate Hyena, because Hyena is the thief of lion food. Everywhere Lions go, Hyena follows them. Not infrequently, they can take over the lions.

7. Fact 7

Lions communicate in different ways and one of them is roaring. Lions have strong sonic waves and once they cast it, it will spread in all directions as far as 5 miles
Lion Mane

Lion Mane

8. Fact 8

In lions, lioness more hunting but unfortunately, the lion men eats more meat. Male lion consumes 15 pounds of meat a day, while women only eat 11 pounds a day.

9. Fact 9
For the lion hunter, the perfect time to hunt started from night until dawn. They are easier to catch. But the lion is an animal that progressively reduced in number.

10.Fact 10

White Lion

White Lion

Facts Last Lion, Lion is now a protected animal according to the World Conservation Union. Laws protecting the lions in the nature and in the zoos. Lion hunters will receive a severe sanction. These are popular facts about lion and maybe you already know.

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