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10 Interesting Maine Facts

Wednesday, October 31st 2012. | Places

Maine fact is an interesting topic that we will discuss in this post. Maine is a state of the United States. This state may be named after the French province of Maine. Another possibility is because the people who live on islands around the common saying will go to the mainland (“going over to the Main”). Four U.S. Navy ships named USS Maine in honor of the state. This state is usually cool, even though the warm summer can provide a temperature above 80 ° Fahrenheit for an average of 15 days in July. Here are 10 interesting Maine facts.

Maine Fact 1

Maine Fact


Eastport is the easternmost city in the United States. The city is considered the first place in the United States to receive the morning sun.

Maine Fact 2

In Wilton there is a cannery that imports and cans only dandelion leaves.

Maine Fact 3

Maine is the only state in the United States whose name has one syllable.

Maine Fact 4

Maine is the only country that shares a border with only one other country.

Maine Fact 5
Bath is known as the City of Ships.

Maine Fact 6

Joshua L. Chamberlain born in Brewer received a battlefield promotion is only for the General during the Civil War. He also Civil War soldiers died from injuries last occurred War.

Maine Fact 7

The White Mountain National Forest covers nearly 800,000 hectares of forest cover landscape ranging from hardwood forests to the largest mountain areas east of the Rocky Mountains

maine fact

Bath City of Ship

Maine Fact 8

Aroostook in the 6453 square miles covers an area larger than the combined size of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Maine Fact 9

Approximately 40 million pounds (nearly 90 per cent) of the nation’s lobster supply is caught off the coast of Maine.

Maine Fact 10

maine fact


This is last fact on this facts about Maine article. Maine produces 99% of all blueberries in the country so that the single largest producer of blueberries in the United States. This is interesting Maine fact.

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