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10 Interesting Manatee Facts

Sunday, October 21st 2012. | Animal

Manatee is large water mammals are also called sea cow. Trichechidae Dugongidae different in terms of skull shape and tail shape. Manatees shaped tail rowers, while the Dugong forked tail. Manatees are herbivores, spending most of their time grazing in shallow water. Here are 10 interesting Manatee facts.

1. Manatees inhabit shallow coastal swampy in North America, Central America, South America, and Caribbean Sea. One species (Trichechus senegalensis) inhabits the west coast of Africa, similar again (T. inunguis) inhabits the east coast of South America, and the third (T. manatus) West Indies in the Caribbean Sea.



2. Florida Manatee is considered by some as distinct species, but regards it as a subspecies T. ITIS manatus, and now this notion has been prevalent.

3. Manatee body can reach lengths of up to 4.5 meters or more, and live in freshwater and saltwater.

4. Manatees ever hunted for meat and oil, but are now officially protected.

5. Manatees women reach sexual maturity at the age of five years, while men who at the age of nine years. They only breed once a year and gave birth to a child. At birth, a baby manatee weighs about 30 kg. The gestation period is about 12 months and the weaning period can range from 12-18 months.

6. Manatee prefers shallow water and the manatees usually spend most of the day sleeping under the water, they arrived at the water surface to breathe, once in every 20 minutes. They are curious animals and swim slowly at a speed of about 3-5 miles per hour.

7. Manatees are herbivores and eat a variety of algae and plants. According to the study, found that manatees can eat as many as 60 species of plants. In general, an adult manatee consumes about 10 percent of its body weight each day, which accounts for about 50 kg. Occasionally, they eat small fish.

Female Manatee

Female Manatee

8. As per statistics, the maximum population of manatees is found in Florida (about 3000. Various studies have been conducted in Florida manatees (scientific name Trichechus manatus latirostrus). Manatees have also been mentioned in the folklore of many cultures.

9. As per IUCN Red Data list, all three manatee species declared as endangered, vulnerable to extinction. The main threat to manatees is the habitat of a population decline. Because manatees slow-swimmers, they are vulnerable to injury with the boat moving fast and / or propeller. Many times, causing injuries that may result in fatal infections.

Manatee Sound

Manatee Sound

10. Facts about Manatee are the sound emitted by the manatees is in the range of human ears. They squeak and scream, when frightened, playing or communicating.

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